Monday, June 16, 2014

Submarine National Scholarship

NEWS-01: 2014 USSVI Scholarship Donation list to date Submitted by: Paul Orstad - Scholarship Chairman on 6/11/2014

Shipmates, I have posted the latest Donation list for the USSVI "Sub Vets" Scholarship Program.  Several bases have been doing well to support the scholarship fund and you make me very proud.

We also named a new scholarship in Memory of WWII subvet Robert "Robbie" Robertson.  There is also a list of all the donors for the Robert "Robbie" Robertson Memorial Scholarship and also for the Tim VeArd Memorial Scholarship.

In addition, we added back the USS Sennet Reunion Association's Memorial Scholarship.

Also, we had several donations for Cal Council, Marblehead Base, the Gilbert "Gil" Shaddock Memorial scholarship, USS Sennet Reunion Assoc. and USS Tunny Assoc. shipmates on Patrol.

Lastly we also have two shipmates who were honored by their friends.

Honoring our shipmates going on Eternal Patrol by investing in the children of submariners is what the Sub Vet Scholarship Program is all about

I will be, hopefully, finishing the this year scholarships this next week and I will get the word out shortly thereafter.

We had 79 candidates, 38 in each group (high school & college) with an equal amount in each group.  The Scholarship board will make final approval shortly.

The link to the Donations report is shown here.

Thank you & Green Board

Paul Orstad,

National Scholarship chairman.



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