Saturday, December 22, 2007

May each of our military veterans - the men and women serving find peace when they put pen to paper.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pearl Harbor Raid, 7 December 1942 - the USS California (BB-44), flagship of the Battle Force, was hit forward and aft by Japanese torpedoes in the early minutes of the Pearl Harbor raid. She was later hit by a bomb and near-missed by another, which caused additional flooding. To read more and see the photos taken at the time go to or place in your search engine - USS California Pearl Harbor. In my book Submarine Stories of World War II, Ervin O. Schmidt RM1/C (SS) USN-RET, before joining the submarine service was a crew member of the USS California during the raid. A motorized launch pulled him from the oiled and debris filled water. In the confusion he was listed as missing in action. Before his family learned differently, they held a funeral in his honor. Ninety-eight crew members were lost and sixty-one wounded. Submarine Stories of World War II is written for children and adults. The book review below is by Deborah Edmonds, Children's Librarian, Baxter County Library. One can find any number of books about the different military branches, but the submarine service seems to fit in the category "out of sight, out of mind." These stories tug at the reader's heart because they are written in the words of the brave men who fought for and protected the United States during World war II from the"deep blue sea" in very definitely troubled waters. This book enlightens the reader as to the conditions experienced by submarine crew members. *The constant enemy surveillance and being under enemy fire. *Extended forced silence during "silent run." *High interior temperatures when all systems are shut down to hinder enemy detection. *Sudden dives in enemy waters. *Forced delays in surfacing, getting repairs and fresh supplies. *Intense pressure headaches from extended submersion. *Navigating mine fields. *Patrols lasting up to six months at sea. To order copies of Submarine Stories of World War II by Mary Nida Smith send $12 dollars plus $2.00 for postage per copy to 162 Stamford Drive, Lakeview, AR 72642. Remember all veterans: 11% of the population are veterans - 25% of the homeless are veterans