Sunday, June 29, 2008

Final Patrol by Don Keith, a book dedicated to submarines being preserved as museums with the fighting history of these boats that should never come to appear as old boats ready for the scrapyard. Included is some of the officers and crew members; Crew members names were never listed on patrol reports, only the officers in time of war. They are part of a slowly disappearing special group of men who were sworn to silents while they rode the depth of the sea in submarines to eliminate the enemy roaming the same waters. A very informative written "Prologue" that causes the readers who knows nothing or little about the history of the submarine service to ponder - is this real? It is real, yet verily touches on what the brave men endured. During children's vacations the US Navy Submarine Museums should be number one on the list for places to adventure in, to touch part of history that most kids and adults know nothing about. Please take this book with you as your tour guide. Thanks to D.C. Smay, editor of the newsletter KLAXON, San Diego chapter, U.S. Submarine Veterans WWII for sending me their newsletter. Thanks to George Harlow, a member of the USSVI Twin Lakes Submarine Base for donating the book, FINAL PATROL by Don Keith to the Baxter County Library.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Military handbooks, Vietnam book and searching for boats and crews information. The 2008 free Military Handbooks are now available go to

Six available books:

  • Base Installation Directory
  • U.S. Military Retired Handbook
  • Getting Uncle Sam to Pay for Your College Degree
  • Benefits for Veterans and Dependents Handbooks
  • Military Children's Scholarship Handbook
  • U.S. Military Handbook

Searching for submarines/boats and their crews go to and click on BOATS AND CREWS button. Then click the FIND A BOAT and select the boat of your choice. Click on the underlined hull number, click the LIST CREW MEMBERS button. Find the CUSTOM SEARCH button where you can enter years aboard. This information was provided by Patrick Householder NJVC.

This book manuscript THE SILENT KNOWING: VIETNAM AND THE LOSS OF OUR FATHERS, a non-fiction written by Candance Browning Moonshower. It is well-written manuscript about Candi's father who had spent over twenty years in the U.S. Army, most of it in Vietnam where he lost his life when his helicopter was shot down in 1968. Filled with family pictures and of her Dad in the service. I believe this is a very important book and it should find a publisher who will published it. To read an excerpt click on

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Louisiana's Greatest Generation. When I returned from a week away, I found mail from John S. Smith from Louisiana ordering my book. He also, sent a demo promotional trailer DVD of Louisiana's Greatest Generation documentary he is producing. It touches emotional nerves and you cry out, "Darn wars, why, why." This is a project each state should create to honor their military personnel who served in all wars and conflicts, for death has no chosen age group. During the course of one of his interviews, he found Lou Coles, the widow of MoMM1 Hubert Coles who was aboard the USS Trigger (SS_237) on that fatal day 27 March 1945 and was struck from the Navy list 11 July 1945 - All hands lost. Mr. Smith said, "Mrs. Coles is 94 and extremely sharp. She vividly recalls details and even got to go aboard the Trigger in 1944 when it was at Mare Island for repairs." Mr. Smith would like to interview someone who served on the USS Trigger that may have known Mr. Coles or had served on it before it was lost. If anyone has any information get in touch with Mr. Smith at There is lots of information on the USS Trigger on different sites. NavSource Online: Submarine Photo Archives http://www.navsource,org/archives/08/08237.htm,,, and, just to point out a few. To find military buddies go to To order a copy of my book, Submarine Stories of World War II, send $12.00 plus $2.00 for postage to Mary Nida Smith, 162 Stamford Drive, Lakeview, AR 72642. Thank you to everyone who has ordered my book.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

More pictures showing off all the special subvets and their families. I do hope those who are traveling will have a safe trip and stay healthy.