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USS Grenadier SS-210 Crew member left behind in a prison

 USS Grenadier SS-210 Please forward this to any o...":

I am the grandson of EM3 Lesley L Barker and was wondering if any of you that had relatives that spoke of the Grenadier ever spoke of "the one left behind"? My understanding is that my grandfather had taken ill and rather than get sent to another camp he was left behind in Penang.
W. Paul Bentley

American WWII Orphans Network

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American in WW II Magazine

Story of POW Louis Zamperini - Movie "Unbroken."

Does the flag at Virginia War Memorial have ties to "Unbroken."

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 George, (USS Sea Fox)

I don't have access to my complete e-mail lists - hope this is getting well broadcast amongst the sub vet community - and lots of letters/phone calls are  being made to congresspeople.

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Housed in small quarters...
shut off from the outside world.
Deep, deep below the sea,
thoughts of survival keeping watch.
The cook roast a chicken or turkey,
to celebrate this special season.
Fifteen minutes time out to eat
back to the work station
keeping watch deep below
or above the unpredictable seas.
No time to remember Christmas.
A moment of weak emotions
makes a difference of life or death.
Christmas as other holidays are hidden
deep inside each man who choose to serve
aboard a World War II submarine.
© By Mary Nida Smith

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    Melvin T, Smith 1996 NATIONAL SUBMARINE DAY - April 11th

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Submarine Thriller to be Filmed in Alaska

Associated Press historical news archive articles dating back to 1985

              USS Sennet SS-408 2015 Reunion

                               Sept.  20-24, 2015

                 Landmark Resorts, Myrtle Beach, SC

 December 05, 2014


First on the list is, Sharon and I would like to wish you all a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may the coming New Year be one of the best yet for you and yours.

Another item is our Binnacle List/Sick Call and also Eternal Patrol. If you know of anyone of our “Sennet Family” that needs prayers, cards or contact, do let me know.

Reading below you will  notice that this newsletter is a repetition of the last one. There is a lot of information worth repeating and I just can’t think of a different way of laying it onya. If you have any questions or comments, fire away at will. Contact information is listed at the end of the newsletter.

This Newsletter contains all the activities and prices for the coming Reunion.  As you know prices on most everything has increased. We have managed to negotiate the best available rates.

 Hotel arrangements/reservations at the Landmark can be made by calling 800-845-0658 .  Be sure and state  “Sennet Reunion“. The rates for Single/Double are:

Interior view Hotel Rooms:           $40.00?Night     ($54.24 Inclusive)

Ocean view Hole Rooms:              $53.00/Night     ($68.93 Inclusive)

Oceanfront Hotel Rooms:            $58.00?Night      ($74.58 Inclusive)

Oceanfront Efficiencies:               $63.00/Night      ($80.23 Inclusive)

King Angle Ocean view Suites       $58.00/Night      ($74.58 Inclusive)

King Angle Handicap O.V. Suites  $58.00/Night      ($74.58 Inclusive)

Double Angle Ocean view Suites   $63.00/Night     ($80.23 Inclusive)

Oceanfront Suites                       $73.00/Night       ($91.53 Inclusive)

Deluxe Oceanfront Suites           $78.00/Night       ($97.18 Inclusive)

The above rates are based on Single or double occupancy. Add $9.04 per adult per night for a third and fourth in any unit.

A resort fee of $8.00 per unit is applicable and all rates are subject to South Carolina State and Local Taxes, currently 13.0%. These charges are included in the Inclusive Rates above. The tax rate could change in the future.

 The activities are scheduled as follows:

**Sunday Sept 20:  Check in Hospitality Room open until 2300hrs

**Monday Sept 21: Dinner Cruise with the Barefoot Cruises followed    with a concert with Alabama. The price of this combo is $65/person. Bus transportation included.

**Tuesday Sept 22: Golf Tournament,  Whispering Pines early morning. Cost should be approx. $50/golfer. Definite price not available until Spring of 2015. Tues. evening. Dinner at Original Benjamins Seafood followed by concert at Legends in Concert. The price of this dinner/concert combo is $60/person. Bus transportation included

**Wednesday Sept 23: Morning Memorial Service followed with our business meeting. Evening Banquet at the Landmark Resort price is $45/person. Cash bar will be available.

We will have a “Silent Auction” and “50/50 Raffle” available. Bring your “treasured” items to the auction. All moneys generated and donated go 100% into the Reunion Fund. After all bills for the reunion are paid we donate to the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc (USSVI) to the Scholarship Program and the Brotherhood Fund.

I do have Golf Shirts, T-Shirts, hats, coffee mugs and ship’s patches on hand. Golf Shirts & T-Shirts are $20ea for sizes L & XL, XXL are $22ea. Hats are $12ea, coffee mugs are $4ea and Ship’s patches are $8, plus postage. Contact me for postage cost.
Donations are always appreciated.
Make checks payable to:
USS Sennet SS-408 Reunion
Mail to:
USS Sennet SS-408 Reunion
c/o Ralph Luther
PO Box 864
Summerville, SC 29484-0864
Phone: 843-851-7064

Email:  If you are getting this via postal service and you have email, please send me your email address as that saves us the cost of postage and paper. 

Ralph & Sharon Luther

Wanted Submarine stories for Mary Nida Smith's latest book "Submarine Stories of the 20th Century" she is writing for Sky house Publishing Inc. Her first book "Submarine Stories of World War II" has been acquired by the same publisher.
Mary Nida Smith
Thank you.

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Dennis O'Keefe.  EM aboard the Sea Fox 45-46.

A certificate will be forwarded to his son.

Sailor, Rest Your Oars.  God Bless and thank you for your service.


 From: Dennis O'Keefe

Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2014 3:11 PM

Subject: Passing of member Dennis J. O'Keefe

 My dad passed away this past Thursday. For anyone who might need information, arrangements are being made through Chapey's Funeral Home, West Islip NY. (631)661-5644.


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Pearl Harbor Day: December 7, 1941 'A date which will live in infamy'

Photo of Pearl Harbor before it was bombed taken by Ralph X Klotz rom his hotel room. Ralph is a submarine Veteran.

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Ben Head USS Sennet


Ben Head is back in the hospital ICU with Pneumonia. You might remember from past emails that Ben has ALS also. Prayers and cards would be appreciated. Ben served aboard Sennet as a TM during the years ‘62-‘65.

Ben Head

8615 W. Fairway Woods Dr

N. Charleston, SC 29420