Saturday, December 22, 2007

May each of our military veterans - the men and women serving find peace when they put pen to paper.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pearl Harbor Raid, 7 December 1942 - the USS California (BB-44), flagship of the Battle Force, was hit forward and aft by Japanese torpedoes in the early minutes of the Pearl Harbor raid. She was later hit by a bomb and near-missed by another, which caused additional flooding. To read more and see the photos taken at the time go to or place in your search engine - USS California Pearl Harbor. In my book Submarine Stories of World War II, Ervin O. Schmidt RM1/C (SS) USN-RET, before joining the submarine service was a crew member of the USS California during the raid. A motorized launch pulled him from the oiled and debris filled water. In the confusion he was listed as missing in action. Before his family learned differently, they held a funeral in his honor. Ninety-eight crew members were lost and sixty-one wounded. Submarine Stories of World War II is written for children and adults. The book review below is by Deborah Edmonds, Children's Librarian, Baxter County Library. One can find any number of books about the different military branches, but the submarine service seems to fit in the category "out of sight, out of mind." These stories tug at the reader's heart because they are written in the words of the brave men who fought for and protected the United States during World war II from the"deep blue sea" in very definitely troubled waters. This book enlightens the reader as to the conditions experienced by submarine crew members. *The constant enemy surveillance and being under enemy fire. *Extended forced silence during "silent run." *High interior temperatures when all systems are shut down to hinder enemy detection. *Sudden dives in enemy waters. *Forced delays in surfacing, getting repairs and fresh supplies. *Intense pressure headaches from extended submersion. *Navigating mine fields. *Patrols lasting up to six months at sea. To order copies of Submarine Stories of World War II by Mary Nida Smith send $12 dollars plus $2.00 for postage per copy to 162 Stamford Drive, Lakeview, AR 72642. Remember all veterans: 11% of the population are veterans - 25% of the homeless are veterans

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Book signings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, researching, writing, teaching, and newsletters will fill-up this year of 2007 and extend into 2008. The Baxter Bulletin newspaper has provided several pieces relating to local "Authors' Day" at the Baxter County Library 2 December Sunday 2-4 pm. I will be there. This is the time to purchase books for Christmas and check out military books at and your local bookstore. Thanksgiving is everyday. A holiday is to bring family and friends together which is difficult in this busy world. Diet is a good word to put before me as I prepare for another holiday. We will be traveling where the word dieting may be lost. I guess the best thing is cut-out the deserts or is it the main meal and eat the deserts. Before my active life gets too busy - I want to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a exciting year ahead. Write for yourself, enjoy and promote the book or books you have published. I will be researching publishers to find the right one for each of my books and people in specialized fields to read my manuscripts when finish. Submarine Veterans of World War II, Arkansas Diamond Chapter gathering at Eureka Springs has created a couple articles for submarine magazines; hopefully in time for their next issue. As their new editor I have been working on the newsletter I would like to have out by Christmas for it is filled with all the interesting happenings from our gathering. We missed a lot of friends who were unable to be there. Erma who's poem is in my book was unable to be there because of health problems. We missed her energy that radiated excitement and laughter. I try to remind myself to think one day at a time and to take time out to think about other exciting things. Every so often we have to put the writing world to the side to remember the world has many other components to make our live on earth complete.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The League of Sons is a film of The Faith of our Fathers project by Vision Formula Ministry where the children or grandchildren listen and retrace the stories of a family member who was in World War II. Included was a piece titled The Praying Mothers of WWII. This was one of the best shows I have watched on this subject. It was shown on our new local TV Station 19, Life Around the Lake based at Bel' Arco Resort. The research information in my book for family members and students was removed. I regret this. I wanted school children and family members of submarine veterans to be able to search for answers about the "silent service" that very few people know about. Remember to stand up and support the past and present veterans for they have and always will protect us and our freedoms. When they write their stories or someone writes it for them they must not be abused by publishers who charges them an arm and a leg. They already have paid the price. Their stories are important to them and to us, the readers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today is a new day at the flip of a coin there is a bright side. Tony Lazzarini, Presidnt of MWSA and his lovely wife Arlene and other authors we sat with for three days reminded me how lucky I was to meet each of them. They were a joy to be with as we promoted our books. Congratulations goes to John Gallegher, Mike Mullins, Richard Merrell, Skip Vogel and other authors on their awards. Please check out all the winning authors at Maybe next year or the next I can be placed on that list. I want to thank Lloyd and Paula King and Tony and Arlene for all their hard work to bring all of us together. We all had a great time aboard the Showboat Branson Belle. Outstanding show and a special dinner. It was cold and windy as we waited for all 750 people to board the boat. Tibor Bierbaum was our driver. He is the author of Our Walk With God who is from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. On the 8th he drove somewhere near Harrison to wander out on a dirt road to meet an old military buddy. Ida Jane and John Gallagher from Mt. Pleasant, SC. They are formerly from West Virginia. He is from Wheeling and she is from near Roane County. I had just received a book from Jack Nida who wrote Roane County for the Images of America series. Ida Jane has published a very interesting non-fiction book Contact with Ancient America. I will share in the future more authors and their military books on this blog so remember to come back and learn more about this wonderful writers group.

Monday, November 12, 2007

It breaks my heart to have to apologize to my friends the Submarine Veterans of World War II that the book they were looking forward to did not honor them as I had written it. The publisher removed the introduction I had written honoring the submarine veterans, which included my husband who served in many dangerous situations. Many things were changed or removed. I was promised when I signed the contract they would not change the substance or do anything to dishonor my friends in the book. If they hadn't agreed to this, I would never had signed the contract. No book is worth anything to me if I hurt anyone. I just wanted the children and civilians to know what they endured while we were sitting at home worrying about food rations. The stories in the book received special comments from reviewers. I thank all the submarine veterans in the book from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to get to know what they encountered during their service for our country.
PATRIOTS' HERALD a Carroll County Newspaper. Albert Pryor, Publisher/Senior Editor requested an article and photos of the Arkansas Submarine Veterans of World War II meeting in Eureka Spring November 2-4 at the Travelers Inn. The story will appear on their website Friday. The paper comes out on Thursday. We are grateful to Mr. Pryor for honoring our submarine veterans.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Military people taken advantage of and shamed. I learned the hard way how people do take advantage of whose who have served and many gave their lives so we could have freedom of speech. The men and women whose lives were spared bring home and continue to live it - they are never the same -too much brain washing and battle sights to forget. My husband lost friends and gave so much of who he was. Yet, he is so proud of his service to his country. He respects and honors those who served and are still serving. Yet, he was brought out on stage and made a fool of by someone who never served and was in it for personal gain. My brother served in Vietnam. Everyday he carries the horror of war images within loaded with serious health problems from the deadly Agent Orange. He was told to ease his pain by not talking about the war and his experiences then the memories would slowly fade. So, I will speak for him after all these years it has not faded, not even to a grey tint. My ex-brother-in-law needed someone to tell his story to when he returned from Korea, I listen and learned of the hell he endured that gave him screaming nightmares and night sweats. My uncle was shot in the foot had his toes re-attached and later removed. My uncle Gus was shot in WWI where he carried pieces of shrapnel in his hip and was in pain all his life. Beware of publishers who want to control your website, phone, blog, and your life. Beware of e-zines and magazines where they insist you must write (free of course-no pay) for their company while they keep putting off publishing your book or the possibility of publishing your book. We all want to write a book to be published. People who write military books have served in one or more wars or conflicts - war is war - and if the men and women weren't involved in battles their lives have been altered (mostly personality). Many write of their experiences or use it in writing novels. It is a way to release a small amount of the secrets they hold inside and the pain they can't shake. Then, they encounter people who use them for their own person gain. They wine and dine them with sweet talk and when they are of no longer of use they are hung out to dry. If I can help if only in a small way I will keep military persons from being made a fool of after they gave their best to give us the freedoms we enjoy.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Arkansas Submarine Veterans of World War II, Diamond Chapter will be meeting November 2-4, at The Travelers Inn in Eureka Springs. Carl Schmidt, Central Region Director USSVI will be our special guest; Carl was awarded the District Commander of the Year. His region is Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. We are honored to have he and his wife Bonny presence when we present a copy, Submarine Stories of World War II, to two of our members whose stories appears in my book, Joe Blanchett and Wayne Goodenow. Irma will be accepting for her husband Wayne, who went on Eternal Patrol. In the book Erma shared a poem dedicated to her beloved husband of 59 years. Submarine Stories of World War II... A fascinating series of vignettes about the war beneath the waves during World War II, as told by the men who fought it. Only the submariners could describe how it feels to hear mine cables skitter along the hull or the whooshing sound when the boat buries itself in the sandy bottom to hide from Japanese destroyers. Mary Nida Smith has done a fine job collecting these largely untold stories from the silent service. - - Max McCoy, author of The Moon Pool.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Book reviews and blurbs: The first printing of my book will be released soon. I will be attending the Military Writers Society of America's events on November 5-8th at Branson where I will be signing and promoting my book, Submarine Stories of World War II. I will have updates and reviews on this blog. So, return often. Book review: I just finished Mary's book. As a submarine sailor and founding Commander of the Twin Lakes Base of the United States Veterans I found the book to be a fascinating account of what submarine life was really like. There are many books that relate historical information about the exploits of those who served our country as a soldier, paratrooper, marine, pilot, etc. but there are only a few that recount the bravery and courage of the submarine sailor. Maybe its because we are the "silent service" or maybe its because no one has ever bothered to spent time talking to submarine sailors, especially those who served in World War II. These are by far the bravest people who ever wore a military uniform. This book brings these sailors to the forefront and introduces the public to them. Mary Nida Smith, to you I say THANK YOU. Thank you from me and from all sailors who served on the "boats". Robert F. Buschbacher, MM2SS USS Irex SS 482 To you Commander Bob, thanks for starting the Twin Lakes Base. You have made my husband and many other submarine veterans very happy

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wives of U.S. Submarine Veterans WWII have their own magazine, the DOLPHINETTE. The National President is Gail Shaffer ( 16915 Cottonwood Way, Houston,TX 77059-3102, Widows of submarine veterans are always welcomed. It is published March, July, and November. September/November issue of SALUTE has been published at Red Engine Press. ( I have an article on page nine. This military newsletter is filled with stories that touch the heart. It is a newsletter all the family can enjoy. You will find updates on the upcoming Branson Veteran's Week November 5-10, 2007. We will be there 5-7 November. Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell's book NO IMMEDIATE THREAT: The story of an American Veteran. A story of her brother who went to war in Vietnam a happy adventurous young man. Return a person who couldn't brush what he had seen under the rug and start a clean slate. He wandered the streets under the influence PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To read more click on William Lewis Nida published the book, Story of the World War for Young People, 1917 and I have a book to be released soon, Submarine Stories of World War II. Image N things at has the neatest things to be of help to writers promoting their books - bookmarks, signs, posters, wide format full color printing, laminating and they can enlarge tiny old photos. It is an exciting place.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bob Lents, WWII submarine veteran and member of USSVI Twin Lakes Submarine Base flew to Bremerton, Washington to be honored at the USS Seawolf reunion. He is the only remaining crew member of the first Seawolf that disappeared 4 October 1944. Before it disappeared he was transferred to the USS Perch and later ended up in a Japanese prison. To read his story go to Terry L. Kuhn is the new editor for the S-28 Yankee Doodle Dandy-Gram newsletter. He served aboard the Andrew Jackson (SSBN 619) and the Billfish (SSN676) and is from Wilmington, NC. William (Bill)Whelan of Cary, NC was the former editor for years and is the chaplain for the U.S. Submarine veterans of WWII, NC Chapter All Clear. James Myers is the All Clear newsletter editor & publisher. I am the new editor of the U.S. Submarine Veterans of WWII/Arkansas Diamond Chapter newsletter. November 2-3-4 we will be meeting at the Travelers Inn at Eureka Springs. We are praying that good health will allow a big turn-out. I will be gathering news to keep members unable to attend updated. By sharing news of what is happening with members will bring each other closer. We watched, THE WAR, a Ken Burns film last week on AETN. It is a film the whole family should have watched and should watch next week. Many of us know little of that war and those who knew want to forget. We learn from our mistakes I am told... but do we? This was a war I am told we had no choice but go to war for the enemy had approached our shores and skies. In Their Words, AETN's WWII Oral History Project Joseph Truman Blanchett, a member of the Diamond Chapter recorded his story aboard the USS Seal (SS-183) built in 1938 and is one of the veteran's in my book (Submarine Stories of World War II). The USS Sea Fox (SS-402) Association and former crew members donated time and money to purchase a plaque to be placed on the Commemorative Plaque Wall at the U.S. Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. All crew members are welcome to attend the ceremony coordinated by Master Chief Frank Lister, TMCM(SS),USN (RET) who served aboard 1956-59. It will take place on 30 October, 2007. To learn more click on

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nine veterans share their experiences while serving in the USS Navy during the 1940s. Many had never been away from home when they ventured beneath the sea to an unknown world of silence, to spy and destroy enemy ships. November 5-7 release and book signing at the Military Writers Society of America Conference at Branson, Missouri.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Children's books/war stories. Letters from Korea by Pat Avery (Kids World Series Red Engine Press) is for ages 9-12. The 48 page book is a story of a boy learning from his grandmother the sadness of war through family letters and photos she had received. In the back of the book are pictures of several veterans who served in the Korean War. Tommy's War by Pat Avery and Eric Ray (Kids World Series) is written for children to understand why a parent or parents have to serve their country during the time of war. The 36-page book teaches patriotism and provides insight to how children can relate to war. Summer of my German Soldier by Bette Greene is a teen novel. In reading this book I learned Arkansas had Japanese interment camps during World War II. Ms. Greene put many of her childhood experiences into this book. For more information go to, is a comprehensive online educational resource for students, teachers and researchers. My Friend the Enemy (A Yearling Book by J.B. Cheaney is a teen novel where a young girl learns the true meaning of being an American. Hazel meets a young boy who is hiding to keep from going to an interment camp. They are enemies, but will they become friends or will Hazel tell her family. In this book you will learn about the Japan's balloon bomb attacks on Oregon during World War II, Young America Work Corps, Junior Auxiliary Air Patrol and a whole lot more. There is so much I didn't know so I went to "Attacks on North America during World War II, at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Remember always check all facts three times or more. Also, go, Cynsations blog Sunday October 2,2005 under "Relocation and Internment in Children's Books" where you will find an interview with J.B. Cheaney about her book, My Friend the Enemy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Check out SALUTE,an 18 page military newsletter at to read my article, Korean Conflict: USS SEA FOX SS-402 as it was told to me by Melvin T. Smith The boat photo is courtesy of George Arnold who is the president and webmaster of the Sea Fox Association. The USS Sea Fox (SS-402)will hold their reunion at Branson, Missouri in 2009. To learn more click on Membership in the Military Writers Society of America is free. To receive all the benefits update your membership for $25. For more information go to Max McCoy agreed to write a review of my book. Max writes novels,screenplays and is an investigative reporter. He is Journalist-in-Residence at Emporia State University, Kansas. His website is and he has the most exciting blog "BackStory" filled with history, travels and the May 07, tornado at Greensburg, Kansas with lots of interesting photos. I knew Max had several Navy links on his website including USS Submarine Veterans Inc. Click on then click on-Find a Base--click on state(AR) where you will see Twin Lakes Base-click on their website and click on -Submarine Stories of World War II. The names of the veterans and their boats are list that are in my upcoming book. The book will be released November 5-7 at Branson, Missouri. What surprised me when I was reading Max's blog his dad was in the U.S. Navy in 1944. His dad served aboard the USS Pennsylvania at Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle in modern history. I didn't know this when I asked him to review my book. This makes it extra special.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I created this blog to share my involvement in writing military articles and promote my upcoming book, Submarine Stories of World War II. My husband is a veteran of WWII, Korean Conflict and Vietnam. He served on five submarines and with Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron 7 during his twenty year career. I have a room filled with books, letters and articles gathered since 1984. When I shared my interest in this field I meet other writers who are writing military books and articles. Colleen Tucker announced at the last Ozarks Writers League meeting the Military Writers Society of America will hold their annual conference in Branson, November 5-7 during Veterans week. Pat McGrath Avery wrote an article on the up coming MWSA in the BUGLE Branson Veterans Task Force paper. For more information contact Lloyd King or Ms. Avery at After I announced I was a member of MWSA, I had writers asking questions. One has a daughter who is a military historian, one is writing a children's picture book about the war and her son writers for Army Times, and a writer who is an associate member of the Razorback Base. The National Veterans of World War II will be holding their yearly convention September 3-8 at Billings, Montana. Vice Admiral Albert H. "Big Al" Konetzni Jr., will be the main speaker. He is known as "Big Al, the Sailor's Pal." He was kind enough to write the foreword for my book. Until next time smooth sailing.