Sunday, July 26, 2015


USS Razorback (SS-294) Reunion 9/14/2015 to 9/14/2015 in North LittleRock, AR:Contact Fred Reker at

USS Redfin (SS-272) Reunion 9/15/2015 to 9/17/2015 in Branson, MO: Contact Joe White at

USS Tunny (SS-282)Reunion 9/13/2015 to 9/17/2015 in San Antonio, TX:Contact Warren G. Branges at or

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

~Sand Box Hero~
©   r. meuser  

Face down in sand
Covered in dust
shreds of flesh
in a bloody crust

Chest split open
by shrapnel sharp
it cut him deep
pierced his heart

On his face
a lifeless stair
A grenade had hit
no life did spare

Rifle in death drip
ready to fight
lay still and silent
on this flare lit night

Hopes and dreams
of this humanity
blown away
by war’s insanity

With no regrets
he never thought twice
freedom was purchased
he paid the price

    Rob Meuser
The spoken word is for those close enough to hear.
The printed word is for the world to read. 

 Rob is a member of Free Verse Poetry Group. Thank you Rob.

Monday, July 20, 2015

USSVI National Convention

NEWS-01: 2015 Convention Room Rate Reminder Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr on 7/20/2015

Just a quick reminder on the Convention Hotel Room Rates. By contract after August 3rd you will NO LONGER GET THE CONVENTION RATE OF $104.00 for your room. If you are considering attending this year’s convention please book your room as soon as possible and before August 3rd or you will pay an increased room rate. This year’s Convention should be a great time to see shipmates, tell sea stories and have a wonderful time. So register now and join your shipmates in Pittsburgh for what will be a very enjoyable Convention.

Pride Runs deep,
Al Singleman,Jr. NC

              USS Sennet SS-408 2015 Reunion
                               Sept.  20-24, 2015
                 Landmark Resorts, Myrtle Beach, SC
July16, 2015

Hopefully, everyone is having a fun and safe summer. The days are clicking by so fast it’s hard to keep track. In less than a month, August 15, the dead-line for activities will be here. The Reunion dates will be the next.
Time is flying by quickly. So, if you are planning on coming and haven’t sent the registration form and check in yet, you’d best get Text Box:  your tin in the wind.

Hotel arrangements/reservations at the Landmark can be made by calling 800-845-0658 .  Be sure and state  “Sennet Reunion“. The rates for Single/Double are:
Interior view Hotel Rooms:           $40.00?Night     ($54.24 Inclusive)
Ocean view Hole Rooms:              $53.00/Night     ($68.93 Inclusive)
Oceanfront Hotel Rooms:            $58.00?Night      ($74.58 Inclusive)
Oceanfront Efficiencies:               $63.00/Night      ($80.23 Inclusive)
King Angle Ocean view Suites       $58.00/Night      ($74.58 Inclusive)
King Angle Handicap O.V. Suites  $58.00/Night      ($74.58 Inclusive)
Double Angle Ocean view Suites   $63.00/Night     ($80.23 Inclusive)
Oceanfront Suites                       $73.00/Night       ($91.53 Inclusive)
Deluxe Oceanfront Suites           $78.00/Night       ($97.18 Inclusive)
The above rates are based on Single or double occupancy. Add $9.04 per adult per night for a third and fourth in any unit.
A resort fee of $8.00 per unit is applicable and all rates are subject to South Carolina State and Local Taxes, currently 13.0%. These charges are included in the Inclusive Rates above. The tax rate could change in the future.

We do have on-hand Golf Shirts, T-shirts, caps, ship’s patches, coffee mugs and challenge coins, and too, donations in any amount is always appreciated. All funds go directly into the Reunion Fund. Please make checks payable to:  USS Sennet SS-408 Reunion. For prices and shipping costs, contact me by email or phone 843-851-7064
Always great hearing from you. Stay well and we’ll see you soon.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Watch for updates on my book. The title and cover will be changed.When my publisher is ready to release my book it will be a special book for all to be proud of.  I am thankful to my agent Jeanie Loiacono of Loiacono Literary Agency and Skyhorse Publishing Inc.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

God Bless America

                                          USSVI Submarine Veterans Mountain Home, AR Base.
 Remember the blood and pain shed to fly this beautiful flag by our young men and women.
July 4th lights reflecting on Bull Shoals Lake. God Bless America and our military.
All photographs (c) by Mary Nida Smith