Friday, September 24, 2010

Lon Schmidt (Sea Fox 55-56) and Association SK, has been elected as Member at Large for the International Submariners Association, United States of America. Congratulations, Lon!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shipmates: We are trying to locate some information about William G. Dean, EM aboard the Sea Fox. USSVI National HQ is requesting our help in this. I have nothing on him in all of my records. We are looking for the following: 1. Years aboard the Sea Fox 2. Residence prior to sailing on Eternal Patrol. 3. Date sailed on Eternal Patrol. This request has previously be sent to our WWII Shipmates so this request will be a repeat for them. Negative responses are not required. If you have any information regarding W. G. Dean, please send to me so I can inform national. Thanks for your assistants George Arnold

Monday, September 20, 2010

NEWS-01: John Crouse Memorial Service Submitted by: Pat Householder on 9/18/2010---------As requested by National Commander Michael Bircumshaw, Friday Sept 17, I attended the Memorial Service for our shipmate, John Crouse, that was held at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in St Marys, Georgia and was Officiated by Father Gabriel.The service was well attended by many Subvet WWII and USSVI members from both Florida and Georgia. There was also a large delegation of active duty Submarine Officers and Sailors from the Kings Bay Base and from some of the boats currently in port there. John's brother and his sister both attended with their spouses as well and we all took the opportunity to convey our respects and condolences. The Eulogy was delivered by Sheila McNeill at John's request. Sheila is a Past National President of the Navy League and is one of the founding members of the St Marys Submarine Museum and Library, she is also a current member of the Board of Directors for the museum.Wendy Munoz performed a Spiritual Hula and an Honors Ceremony, which I was honored to take part in, was conducted by LCDR Sean Ferrell, Base Commander for USSVI Kings Bay Base. John was cremated and his ashes will be spread at sea from a U.S. Submarine to be determined.After the Service, we all adjourned to the St Marys Submarine Museum for a Celebration of Life Reception and fellowship. John had requested donations to the museum in lieu of flowers and many of the attendees presented envelopes to the museum staff.John Markiewicz, Natl Treasurer

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Day in History:Submitted by: James A Fox on 9/14/2010---------------------------------------------------------1814 - In the dawn light Francis Scott Key saw that the American flag still waved over Fort McHenry in Maryland during the War of 1812. He looked on from the deck of a boat on the Patasco River nine miles away and wrote “The Star Spangled Banner.” The lyrics were alter adopted to the British tune "To Anacreon in Heaven,” which had also served as Irish drinking song and a number of other songs. "The Star-Spangled Banner" was officially recognized as the national anthem in 1931. The 40 feet long flag had been made by Baltimore widow Mary Young Pickersgill and her 13-year-old daughter just a month before the attack. In 1907 the flag was donated to the Smithsonian.1944 - Sep 14, The submarine USS Pampanito picked up 73 allied prisoners left adrift following the Sep 12 submarine attack on a Japanese convoy that included the transport ship Rakuyo Maru. 1959 - PCU ETHAN ALLEN (SSBN-608) keel laid as ETHAN ALLEN at the Electric Boat Division, General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT.1985 - PCU NEVADA (SSBN-733) launched at the Electric Boat Division, General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT.1992 - PCU CONNECTICUT (SSN-22) keel laid as CONNECTICUT at the Electric Boat Division, General Dynamics Corp., Groton, CT.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

FLASH-01: Memorial Service for John Crouse Submitted by: T Michael Bircumshaw on 9/10/2010-All submariners are invited to attend a memorial service for John Crouse, late curator of St Marys Submarine Museum, will be held at Noon, Friday the 17th of Sept at Our Lady Star of the Sea, 106 E Dillingham, St Marys GA, to be followed by a celebration of John's life at the St Marys Submarine Museum.John qualified on the USS Flasher (SSN-613) in 1973 and was a MMCM(SS) when he left the Navy.John had requested no flowers, and would like any donations be made to the Museum. John also requested that the attire for the service be shorts and loud Hawaiian shirts with leis.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

John Crouse of St Marys Museum passes on Eternal PatrolSubmitted by: Pat Householder IPNC on 9/4/2010---------------------------------------------------------John Crouse was attending the 2010 USSVI/SVWWII Convention, appearing to be in good health, when he suffered a massive heart attack, and he passed away at around 4 PM on Saturday with his sister Nancy at his side. John Carcioppolo of Groton Base spearheaded a collection that was taken to remember John with a Scholarship to be awarded in his name, and 1,784.00 was raised at the convention in his name.Ray Kreul and several other Florida Shipmates manned the St Marys table for several days after John's heart attack, and are returning the museum property to St Marys.Any further donations wishing to be made can be sent to the USSVCF, Attn John Crouse Scholarship at USSVI, PO Box 3870, Silverdale WA 98383. John is survived by his Mother, his sister Nancy, and an older brother.From the Facebook Page of the St Marys Museum:"To all friends of John Crouse and the St. Marys Submarine Museum our dear friend passed away earlier this afternoon. Not often enough in our short lives on earth are we offered the opportunity to walk beside truly great men. By any measure or definition you choose John Crouse was truly a great man that graced our country our Navy and each of us with his presence.Certainly much could be written and said of his life, his friendships and his passion for the St. Marys Submarine Museum. Those of us that knew him best will always remember him as a dear friend with a zest for life and great sense of humor. He filled our hearts and now we're left with a hole. We thank him for preserving history for future generations and this same history will keep him alive forever."Final arrangements are pending but a broad outline is that his cremains will be returned to St Marys for a memorial service and burial at sea from one of the submarines he loved so much.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Robert (Bob) Lents story is told in this
book. He a WWII submarine veteran and
a prisoner of war. A member of the Twin
Lakes Submarine Base. Bob hasn't been feeling well.
Prayers for my friend Bob and his lovely wife Carolyn.
Thank you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long ago, I went off to war in Vietnam. First, I had to fall under the thrall of a few foolish ideas and illusions. Then I had to fight like hell to retain my sanity, and self respect... and manage to survive...When it was over, I had to go home. Everything had changed but looked the same.This is the story of how it happened to and for me. I’ve been asked a lot of questions over the years, seen movies, and read books. None of them really captured what I thought was a genuine feel for the whole mess. So I thought I’d give it a try.It’s the best I can do with my memory and my ability. For better or worse, the whole experience taught me to think... really think. Thinking with limitations or boundaries is a form of lying. I hope it doesn’t put you to sleep.