Monday, November 30, 2009

Presumed Lost by Stephen L. Moore Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the Pritzker Military Library Stephen L Moore, author of "Presumed Lost" made a speaking presentation. Presumed Lost is the story of the few men who beat the odds, chronicling the overwhelming difficulty of their escapes - in one case, from 180 feet below the surface - and the brutal conditions they endured at the prison camps. The link takes you to an hour presentation by the author on this subject... Submitted by: Pat Householder 11/25/2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Blessed & Healthy Thanksgiving to all who are serving our country and those who have served in the past. Thank you for our freedom to enjoy this holiday.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

USS Snook Base: Tim Costello is putting the finishing touches on our Base website. Take a look at it and send him any comments/suggestions you may have. There are some name errors and he is correcting them. I am adding items to the 1MC plus a picture from the Branson Veterans Day parade. On their website is information on how to attain a video filmed during the Arkansas Diamond Chapter, World War II Submarine Veterans Decommissioning Ceremony, October 9-11, 2009 at the Clarion Hotel, Bentonville, Arkansas. Pete-- Strong views are fine, a closed mind is not.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twin Lakes Submarine Veterans Base, Mountain Home, AR - November 11, 2009. To read the whole story and see photos, click below on the Baxter Bulletin website. Thanks to Commander Wayne "Kirk" Smith for honoring WWII Submarine Veterans. I took many photographs that I will add later. The photo shown (c) by Mary Nida Smith L-R Clay Stacks, Rev. Johnston, George Pastove, Kirk Smith, Dean Frankin, Loyal Huson, Melvin T. Smith, Larry Noker and Bob Lents.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Twin Lakes Base USS Submarine Veterans Inc, will be at Mountain Home Square for the Veterans Day Ceremony.
Base Commander Wayne "Kirk" Smith will be the guest speaker.
All military organizations will be present.
Don't forget the men and women who protect our freedoms.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Tale of Two Subs by Jonathan J. McCullough published by Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group (09). Below the title - An untold Story of World War II, two Sister Ships and Extraordinary Heroism. Remarks by Melvin T. Smith, STC (SS) USN-RET: I have read a lot of books about World War II submarines and crew members' stories, but this one had me back on the USS Snapper (SS-185), on "Silent Run," with sweat running down my face. It is unbelievable!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WWII Submarine Veterans Recognition From: Carl Schmidt Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 2009 11:57 PM Subject: WW II Submarine Veterans Recognition I received this E-mail from Pete Rathmell Base Commander USS Snook Base. Please go to and click on Honoring Submarine Veterans and watch the You Tube speech that Congressman Boozman made on HR 773. It passed the House and will become part of the Congressional Record. Kudos to the USS Snook Base. Thanks to everyone for all their support in making this possible. Melvin Tolbert Smith, STC (SS) USN-RET

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

USS Grenadier SS-210Please forward this to any one who may have knowledge of this flag. It was one of my late father's areas of interest. This was written by my sister. Our father was on this ship. ( Johnson, Charles E.) Thank You,Kim
From: Jeanna Smith To: hawkeye@beachlink.comSent: Sat, October 31, 2009 2:07:17 PMJohn,Thank you for your ongoing e-mails. As you know dad was very devoted tothe memory of the Grenadier USS 210. One of the issues he and Idiscussed was the picture I have attached. He often said that he wishedthat whom ever had possession of the American flag in this picture wouldhave it in their heart to loan or donate it to the Museum in Ga. Iunderstand there is a wall mural of this picture in the museum. He wasnot sure who had this flag last and was concerned that as the generationspassed that the significance of this piece of history would diminish. The history as I recall was that the flag was drawn on a white sheet withcolored pencils given to the POWs by the civilians during the liberation,someone correct me if I am wrong. I need your help in circulating thise-mail in hopes that someone will know the whereabouts of this archive.
I have attached the roster of the boat but unfortunately that is all Ihave to go on. Any help you can provide would be very beneficial, I knowyou have many contacts in the submarine league. I have also included thelink to the POW museum in case anyone is interested. Please include mye-mail address in your correspondence.I am still working on making my way through the DVDs you did of dad, itis hard and I can only watch so much at a time.The link to the museum is,Jeanna Johnson SmithU.S.S. Grenadier (SS-210)Adkins, Ralph L.Albertsen, Norman A.Andrews, David J.Barker, Lesley L.Barrington, Clyde W.Clark, Lynn R.Courtney, Thomas R.Cox, Gordon C.Critchlow, John N.Cunningham, William M. J.*Doyle, CharlieEmbry, Jewell C.Erishman, Charles A.Evans, Rex R.Evans, Robert E.Fitzgerald, J. A.Fourre, Glen R.Fulton, Ben H.Garrison, Randolph J.*Guico, Justiniano G.Gunderson, John H.Harty, K. D.Herbert, Carlisle W.Hinkson, Richard J.Ingram, Joe G.Johnson, Charles E.Keefe, William H.Keysor, Riley H.Knutson, Joseph S.Landrum, James D.Leskovsky, JohnLeslie, Raymond G.*Linder, Charles F.Loftus, Irving C.McBeath, John J.McCoy, Charles H.McGowan, Dempsey E.McIntyre, Arthur G. EM1LT Minton, Joseph A.O¹Brion, Elwood A.Ouillette, Virgil A.Palmer, Robert W.Pianka, John K.Pierce, Miner B.Poss, Edgar L.Price, Joseph T.Quarterman, Carl O.Rae, Thomas J.Roberts, Warren E.Roskell, CharlesRupp, Albert J.Russell, Paul D.Rutkowski, Henry W.Sawatzke, Lyle L.Schwartzly, John F.Shaw, Lee C.Sherry, Harmon B.Shoemaker, Dean B.Simpson, John E.*Snyder, George W., Jr.Stauber, George F.Taylor, Orville A.Toulon, Alfred J., Jr.Trigg, Thomas J.Ver Valin, Charles H.Walden, John S.Westerfield, Charles W.Whiting, George H.Whitlock, Charles H.Wilson, Charles M.Wise, William E.Withrow, William C.Witzke, Bernard W.York, Robert F.Zucco, PeterZufelt, Fred QM3