Beneath the Waves: Submarine Stories of the Twentieth Century
Beneath the Waves cover
Published by Skyhorse Publishing (release November 2015)
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The unbelievable stories of the heroic men who sailed under the sea.
In Beneath the Waves, many brave men rode submarines to great depths and across the
oceans into unknown territory share their experiences, fears, and thoughts. They allow us
to travel back in time through their memories. Trained for years to keep
silent—for “loose lips sink ships”—many still believe what they know to be classified and 
refuse to disclose even the minutest of recollections. Others, however, want to leave
 a legacy of reminiscences for people to learn and live by—to know that freedom is not free.

Some stories will never be told. Held within the secret confines of their souls, these deep
sea veterans block them out for self-perseverance. Yet, there are others who will never
escape their own minds; they relive their underwater experiences over and over with
eyes open or shut.
Beneath the Waves is about teenage boys who left farms, small towns, and inner cities
to defend the United States and democracy worldwide. Signing up for United States
Navy submarine duty was an adventure of a lifetime during the early 1940s. Dreams of
torpedoing Japanese and German ships and subs consumed their thoughts. Those
who returned home as young men were older and wiser. Beneath the Waves was written
to honor these men—gallant heroes—who served and are serving today on submarines.
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