Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Received this word this morning from  Carl “Pickles” Gerkens.

Fred England served aboard Sennet as a CS3(SS) during the years ‘62-‘63.

GET WELL SOON, Freddie!!!

Fred has been in bad health for about six weeks, He's having trouble keeping his blood count up, has had six transfusions since Feb. 2.  VA has done several test and found nothing, he has two more Thursday and then will do a "Pillcam" a week from Thursday.  Please put him on your prayer list. 

 Fred England

800 W. Oak St

Cookeville, TN  38501

Friday, March 14, 2014

VA Agent Orange List

Go to this site to see a current list of ships the VA has on their Agent Orange listing.


NEWS-01: Destruction of a Soviet Typhoon Submitted by: Office on 2/18/2014

This video from the TV Production MEGASTRUCTURES, shows the dismantling of a TYPHOON SSBN, start to finish

 Click on the link to see the video...

NEWS-02: CRAMPED, ISOLATED, AND HEAVILY-ARMED Submitted by: Office on 3/5/2014

With deployments underwater typically running 90 days, life onboard a submarine is anything but normal.

 Cramped quarters are the norm, and sailors must have the right technical know-how as well as determination to spend months underwater at a time.

 To even be eligible to be a crewman aboard a submarine, applicants must pass a series of gruelling tests, psychological evaluations, and intensive courses.

 Of course, even once qualified, serving aboard a submarine is not a walk in the park.

 Go to the link for the story...

NEWS-03: The SSBN Deterrent Patrol insignia Submitted by: Office on 3/6/2014


The SSBN Deterrent Patrol insignia is a uniform breast pin worn by officers and enlisted sailors of the United States Navy's submarine service who have completed strategic deterrent patrols in nuclear ballistic missile submarines.

 Design of the SSBN pin shows a silver Lafayette-class submarine with superimposed Polaris missile and electron rings which signify the armament and nuclear-powered characteristics of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Deterrent Force.

 A scroll beneath the submarine holds up to six service stars, with one bronze star authorized for each successful patrol (after the first, the pin being number one) or a silver star for five successful patrols. At twenty (20) successful patrols, the SSBN pin is upgraded to a gold design.

 After the insignia was approved, awards were made retroactive to the first strategic deterrent patrol of USS George Washington (SSBN-598) which was completed on 21 January 1961.

 The strategic deterrent patrols of the Regulus missile boats were not initially deemed worthy of this insignia, but this decision was reversed in 2004.

 The SSBN pin is worn on the left uniform pocket, typically below award ribbons.  The badge is considered a "secondary insignia", meaning that the badge is worn secondary to a primary warfare pin, such as the Submarine Warfare insignia.
Personnel eligible to wear other secondary submarine insignias, such as the Submarine Combat Patrol Insignia or the Deep Submergence Insignia, may only wear one such insignia at a time according to their personal desire.







Friday, March 7, 2014



NEWS-01: The Largest Submarine Class in The U.S. Navy Submitted by: Office on 2/18/2014


USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear powered submarines used by the United States Navy. The Navy has 18 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines and guided missile submarines.


Click on the link for the video.





NEWS-02: Diesel Boats Forever

Submitted by: Office on 3/1/2014


Ever wonder about the origins of the DBF insignia?


The Diesel Boats Forever Insignia was an unofficial uniform breast pin worn in violation of uniform regulations by some officers and men of the United States Navy's Submarine Service in the 1970s.


The United States Navy authorizes the Submarine Combat Patrol Insignia for war patrols in any submarine, and the SSBN Deterrent Patrol Insignia for any patrols in a nuclear ballistic missile submarine. However, there was no way for a diesel boat submariner to earn a recognition pin in peacetime, a situation that exacerbated the natural rivalry between the two groups of submariners. (Regulus missile patrols did not earn the SSBN patrol pin at that time.)


During the 1950s and 1960s, the early classes of nuclear submarines suffered reliability problems, and on occasion were unable to complete their various missions. In 1969, USS Barbel (SS-580) was ordered to Japan to relieve a nuclear attack submarine that suffered such a casualty. As the crew celebrated the nuclear boat's misfortune, they held a contest to design a pin recognizing when a diesel boat needed to take a "broke-down nuke boat's" mission.


The winning design, submitted by former commercial artist ETR3 (SS) Leon Figuredo, showed a guppy submarine embraced by two mermaids (sea hags), along with the letters "DBF." Holes in the scroll allowed for stars to be added for subsequent awards.


Upon arrival at Yokosuka, the design was taken to "the Thieves' Alley" where a local craftsman made up one thousand pins, some gilt for the officers and some in natural (gray) color for the men. When the Barbels picked up their pins, they made the mistake of leaving the die with the craftsman.


The original intent of the Barbels was that the pin (and subsequent stars) would be awarded to the crews of diesel boats that relieved nuke boats. The Yokosuka craftsman, however, began producing and selling the pins to anyone who wanted one.


In 1970 a drawing was sent to the Navy Department for official approval, which was never given. Without official support, the "proper" display of the pin was impossible to enforce, even with the cooperation of lenient commanders. The original intent of "times a diesel relieved a nuke" was lost, and the most common meaning of the stars became "number of diesel boats served on."






Submitted by: Tom Conlon - Natl Secretary & Nominations Chairman on 3/4/2014



Al Singleman, Albany-Saratoga Base

Wayne Standerfer, Dallas Base



John Markiewicz, Cyberspace Base, First Coast Base



Bill Andrea, South Florida Base



Ken Recoy, Batfish Base

Ray Wewers, Razorback Base



Paul Hiser, Tarheel Base

Byron Stratton, USS Oklahoma City Base



Mike Naughton, Capitol Base



Dick Kanning, Tarheel Base

Brian Steffen, Palmetto Base



Dave Farran, Iowa Base

Jim Fox, Cowtown Base



Bob Bissonette, San Diego Base








A sincere welcome aboard (again) to Anthony Di Benedetto, B-24 Flight Officer who was rescued by the Sea Fox on 20 June 1945.  Tony resides

in Newburgh, NY.  Tony has been added to our sites and he is now an Honorary Member of the Sea Fox (SS402) Association. 

Tony and the other crewmembers who were rescued spent some time aboard the Sea Fox following their rescue.

I have his contact information if you would like to contact him. 

Welcome aboard, Tony.  It is an honor!



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ozark-Runner Base Spring Birthday



Time is growing short and our “Spring Fling Submarine Birthday” event is drawing near.

Once again the Ozark-Runner Base will be hosting a “Submarine Birthday Party” in Branson, MO. to celebrate our birthday. The celebration will be on the weekend of April 4-6, 2014. If you are a Submariner, Friend or Family Member you are invited. We hosted this event in April of 2012 and all who attended had a great time. We hope that you will set aside these dates and join us.

Our Home Port will be the WELK RESORT BRANSON. The guest rooms are $75 plus tax for two (2). Any additional guest in the same room will be an additional $7.99 each. Parking is free. Check-in time will be at 1600 (4pm) on Friday 4 April and check out at 1000 (10am) on Sunday 6 April. For those desiring extra time in Branson this same rate will be effective for two days preceding and two days following our event. Your room will include a hot breakfast buffet. The hotel also has a year-round water attraction (85 degree), miniature golf course and game room. To get further information, and to make your reservations, call 800-808-9355 or on-line at , include your group number (354597), group name (Submarine Spring Fling); your name, address, phone number, dates of stay and the number of people in your party (including children‘s ages). They will also need a valid credit card number (with expiration date) to hold the reservation. The reservation deadline is March 4th, 2014 and rooms may be cancelled up to 14 days before the event. We will also have a well-stocked and secure hospitality room to meet and visit in. So bring your Sea Stories (Every word true, of course) pictures, memorabilia, etc. and join us. It is worth noting that this hotel has just been refurbished.

Let us know if you are considering attending and we will get you on our mailing list. To join us at the party contact me (417-763-0935)or( ) and I’ll be glad to get your application and information to you in the mail or by e-mail.


Green/Straight Board and Dry Bilges

Ronald L. Athey TMC(SS) USN Ret

Base Commander
Ozark-Runner Base USSVI

Creed of the U.S. Submarine Veterans

To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds, and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. We pledge our loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and Its Constitution.