Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

James A. Davidson, World War II served aboard the USS Guitarro (SS-364). Mr. Davidson is one of the nine veterans who shared their stories with me. I published them in my book, Submarine Stories of World War II. It was an honor to have published their stories. I wish I could hear from each one and how they are doing or from someone who served with them.
Don't ever forget to honor our veterans.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

During World War II Roy Moody (age 91), sailed aboard the USS Narwhal (SS-167) and the USS Whale (SS-239). He is a member of the U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II, Arkansas Diamond Chapter. March 2009 he was inducted into the United States Submarine Veterans Holland Club by Kirk Smith, Commander of the Twin Lakes Base, Mountain Home, Arkansas. Congratulations and good health!

Friday, March 6, 2009

This is Astounding!!!! Try itOne of the most interesting sites I have ever seen. Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up. Double click and the page gets larger. Then you can either read the pdf version or click through to the paper itself in the upper right corner. Also, if you look at the European papers, the far left side of Germany will pop up as The Stars & Stripes (European edition, of course). AND, this site changes everyday with the publication of new editions of the paper. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am interested in both specific Vietnam War memorials as well as multi-war or veterans memorials that include any inscription, dedication, or other tribute to Vietnam veterans. General Veterans memorials and other war memorials that do not include Vietnam are not included within scope of this inquiry. The attached file, Arkansas.xls, is the list of Arkansas memorials that I have some information on. If you have information on these memorials or know of any additional Vietnam War related memorials in your area, I would appreciate any information about the memorial and it's location you could provide. If there is anyone you think may be able to provide information I would appreciate your forwarding this request. At present there is no complete reference book for Vietnam War memorials. My intent is to correct this in hopes once it is available many others will visit these memorials. Regards, L. Nick Hansen 1630 Susan Road Lake Ozark, MO 65049 nick.hansen@US.ARMY.MIL