Saturday, January 30, 2010

St. Marys Submarine MuseumJohn Crouse, Museum Manager102 St. Marys, St. Marys, GA 31558-4945912-882-ASUB (2782)Gift Shop: gift_shop@tds.nethttp:stmaryssubmarinemuseum.comMy bookSUBMARINE STORIES OF WAR WORLD IIcan be ordered from the museum gift shop.Thank you!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

TWIN LAKES SUBMARINE BASE, Mountain Home, Arkansas, meet January 26, 2010 at 11am at the Elks Club for lunch and meeting. Bases and their meeting are listed at Twin Lakes Base Commander: Wayne "Kirk" Smith.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bob Howard Passes Away: Some of you may have known this, but Medal of Honor recipient Bob Howard passed away due to cancer on 24 Dec 2009 at the age of 70.Attached is a TV news clip talking about his career which is beyond impressive and very humbling. Turn up your speakers and listen, amazing.- Nominated (3) times for Medal of Honor, for (3) separate acts- (8) Purple Hearts- Several Silver Stars- (4) Bronze Stars- (2) Dist Service Cross's- (5) Tours of Duty in Vietnam- Wounded (14) times in a (54) month period- Recently visited troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan- Somehow found time to earn (2) Master's DegreesWith all of the BS in the news today, I can't believe this wasn't on every local and national TV news station and newspaper, yet we all know about Tiger Woods' personal life. This man was an amazing Warrior with an unbelievable military career. Share with your junior Marines, ACDU and SMCR. Good section PME idea for next drill weekend.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For our military retired shipmates: Recently Emails have been distributed concerning Tricare For Life and the possibility of changes which would cost us money for our medical care. You are encouraged to check out the following websites and sign up for their automatic weekly updates. Health care is a high priority item for these organizations. Doing this will keep you well informed. Military Officers Association of America: National Association for Uniformed Services: Veterans of Foreign Wars: The Retired Enlisted Association: site: On one site the following was quoted: "There is absolutely nothing in health care reform that will affect TRICARE beneficiaries." The info indicates that TFL is safe for 2010 only, however we need to stay on top of this to insure that congress does not authorize any TFL treatment costs, etc. in the upcoming year. Please review the sites above and remain current on TFL proposals coming out of congress. Here is a very good article that will interest you: All the best. Geo Arnold, USS Sea Fox

Sunday, January 17, 2010

NEWS-06: Dick O'Kane's Cribbage Board Submitted by: Pat Householder on 1/15/2010 --------------------------------------------------------- The United States Navy is steeped in customs, courtesies and rituals. One of the least known among these is the guardianship of World War II submarine Hero and Medal of Honor recipient Rear Admiral Richard H. "Dick" O'Kane's cribbage board, traditionally held by the oldest submarine in the Pacific Fleet. USS Kamehameha (SSN 642) was the longest commissioned of the oldest submarines to safeguard the board. When Kamehameha was decommissioned in 2002 after nearly 37 years of service, the board was cleaned and restored and passed on to USS Parche (SSN 683). Parche was the namesake of one of the most highly decorated subs to serve in the Pacific Fleet during WWII. When Parche decommissioned in July 2005, the cribbage board was passed on to Los Angeles. With the decommissioning of Los Angeles, the board is being passed on to the oldest remaining submarine, USS Bremerton (SSN 698). "It is with great pride that I hand over the "Dick O'Kane cribbage board" to Cmdr. Howard Warner, Commanding Officer of Bremerton," said Cmdr Stephen Harrison. "I hope the crew of Bremerton enjoys re-living history playing this great game as much as we have." by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ronald Gutridge, COMSUBPAC Public Affairs, Jan. 14, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

NEWS-01: The USSVI WALL OF HONOR at Submitted by: Gil Shaddock ( on 1/8/2010 --------------------------------------------------------- "Anyone who has received the Meritorious Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Medal (Defense), Distinguished Service Medal (Navy) and would like to have it posted on the USSVI "Wall of Honor", can submit the following information to Gil Shaddock at "" Navy Commendation and Navy Achievement medals can not be listed due to the quantity of the medals. 1. Your full name ( no nicknames) 2. Your highest Rate/Rank in the Navy 3. Name of the Award 4. Command at which Award was received 5. Date of the Award 6. A copy of the Citation ( if available) in WORD format 7. A "Now" or "Then" (preferably "Then") photo of yourself in .jpg format We watched NOVA January 5, on PBS about the KILLER SUBS in PEARL HARBOR. We found it to be very interesting. Melvin T. Smith, said he was there at the end when they were cleaning up Pearl.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Let it never be said, that we don't remember..
What Submariners have done, since that day in December.
The sun shown bright, on that Pearl Harbor morning.
When the enemy attacked, with little or no warning.
The Tautog was there, with no time to think.
And splashed one Japanese plane, right down in the drink.
She sent twenty-six ships, to the depths of the sea.
And came to be known, as the "Terrible T."
The Sealion at Cavite, was the first to be caught.
She was moored to a pier, but bravely she fought.
Two bombs exploded, through the hull they did rip.
And many brave submariners, died in their ship.
There were many proud boats, like the Perch and the Finback.
The Kraken, the Haddock, the Scamp and the Skipjack.
We remember the Halibut, Blenny and Darter.
And never forget, Sam Dealey in Harder.
Cutter and Seahorse's, torpedoes ran true.
She targeted the enemy, and sank many Marus.
And although the enemy, was quite filled with hate.
"Red" Ramage and Parche, showed many their fate.
"Mush" Morton and Wahoo, never backed down from a fight.
Fluckey and Barb, entered Namkwan Harbor one night.
Many airman were saved, by O'Kane and the Tang.
Some owe their lives, to Seafox, Tigrone and Trepang.
We remember the honorable, boat called Barbel.
Before she was lost, she gave the enemy hell.
The Sturgeon, the Trigger, the Pollack had heart.
The Torsk, made the last two frigates depart.
Nowadays the cold war, seems to be a big factor.
And submarines are powered, by nuclear reactors.
The proud names are still there, the Tautog did shine.
But her hull number by then, was Six Thirty Nine.
Many boats gave their all, with heroic namesakes.
Like Thresher, Scorpion, Nautilus and Skate.
The Seadragon, Swordfish, Richard B. Russell and Dace.
Have all stood out to sea, and heard the enemies trace.
We remember "Forty-One For Freedom," whose patrols couldn't fail.
The George Washington, Andrew Jackson and Nathan Hale.
Now the Alaska and Nebraska, and other Tridents are here.
They patrol the deep oceans, so aggressive nations have fear.
There are new boats on the line, called Cheyenne and Wyoming.
They will all do us proud, like the old Gudgeon and Grayling.
So take time each day, and think of the past.
Then toast the new Seawolf, for she's quiet and fast.
Let it never be said, that we don't remember.
What submariners have done, since that day in December.
The sun still shines bright, every Pearl Harbor Morning.
But never forget, the enemy attacks without warning.

Author (c) By John Chaffey, Powell, WY SSN639, SSN687, SSBN619