Friday, January 22, 2010

Bob Howard Passes Away: Some of you may have known this, but Medal of Honor recipient Bob Howard passed away due to cancer on 24 Dec 2009 at the age of 70.Attached is a TV news clip talking about his career which is beyond impressive and very humbling. Turn up your speakers and listen, amazing.- Nominated (3) times for Medal of Honor, for (3) separate acts- (8) Purple Hearts- Several Silver Stars- (4) Bronze Stars- (2) Dist Service Cross's- (5) Tours of Duty in Vietnam- Wounded (14) times in a (54) month period- Recently visited troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan- Somehow found time to earn (2) Master's DegreesWith all of the BS in the news today, I can't believe this wasn't on every local and national TV news station and newspaper, yet we all know about Tiger Woods' personal life. This man was an amazing Warrior with an unbelievable military career. Share with your junior Marines, ACDU and SMCR. Good section PME idea for next drill weekend.

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