Sunday, January 17, 2010

NEWS-06: Dick O'Kane's Cribbage Board Submitted by: Pat Householder on 1/15/2010 --------------------------------------------------------- The United States Navy is steeped in customs, courtesies and rituals. One of the least known among these is the guardianship of World War II submarine Hero and Medal of Honor recipient Rear Admiral Richard H. "Dick" O'Kane's cribbage board, traditionally held by the oldest submarine in the Pacific Fleet. USS Kamehameha (SSN 642) was the longest commissioned of the oldest submarines to safeguard the board. When Kamehameha was decommissioned in 2002 after nearly 37 years of service, the board was cleaned and restored and passed on to USS Parche (SSN 683). Parche was the namesake of one of the most highly decorated subs to serve in the Pacific Fleet during WWII. When Parche decommissioned in July 2005, the cribbage board was passed on to Los Angeles. With the decommissioning of Los Angeles, the board is being passed on to the oldest remaining submarine, USS Bremerton (SSN 698). "It is with great pride that I hand over the "Dick O'Kane cribbage board" to Cmdr. Howard Warner, Commanding Officer of Bremerton," said Cmdr Stephen Harrison. "I hope the crew of Bremerton enjoys re-living history playing this great game as much as we have." by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ronald Gutridge, COMSUBPAC Public Affairs, Jan. 14, 2010

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