Saturday, October 27, 2007

Arkansas Submarine Veterans of World War II, Diamond Chapter will be meeting November 2-4, at The Travelers Inn in Eureka Springs. Carl Schmidt, Central Region Director USSVI will be our special guest; Carl was awarded the District Commander of the Year. His region is Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. We are honored to have he and his wife Bonny presence when we present a copy, Submarine Stories of World War II, to two of our members whose stories appears in my book, Joe Blanchett and Wayne Goodenow. Irma will be accepting for her husband Wayne, who went on Eternal Patrol. In the book Erma shared a poem dedicated to her beloved husband of 59 years. Submarine Stories of World War II... A fascinating series of vignettes about the war beneath the waves during World War II, as told by the men who fought it. Only the submariners could describe how it feels to hear mine cables skitter along the hull or the whooshing sound when the boat buries itself in the sandy bottom to hide from Japanese destroyers. Mary Nida Smith has done a fine job collecting these largely untold stories from the silent service. - - Max McCoy, author of The Moon Pool.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Book reviews and blurbs: The first printing of my book will be released soon. I will be attending the Military Writers Society of America's events on November 5-8th at Branson where I will be signing and promoting my book, Submarine Stories of World War II. I will have updates and reviews on this blog. So, return often. Book review: I just finished Mary's book. As a submarine sailor and founding Commander of the Twin Lakes Base of the United States Veterans I found the book to be a fascinating account of what submarine life was really like. There are many books that relate historical information about the exploits of those who served our country as a soldier, paratrooper, marine, pilot, etc. but there are only a few that recount the bravery and courage of the submarine sailor. Maybe its because we are the "silent service" or maybe its because no one has ever bothered to spent time talking to submarine sailors, especially those who served in World War II. These are by far the bravest people who ever wore a military uniform. This book brings these sailors to the forefront and introduces the public to them. Mary Nida Smith, to you I say THANK YOU. Thank you from me and from all sailors who served on the "boats". Robert F. Buschbacher, MM2SS USS Irex SS 482 To you Commander Bob, thanks for starting the Twin Lakes Base. You have made my husband and many other submarine veterans very happy

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wives of U.S. Submarine Veterans WWII have their own magazine, the DOLPHINETTE. The National President is Gail Shaffer ( 16915 Cottonwood Way, Houston,TX 77059-3102, Widows of submarine veterans are always welcomed. It is published March, July, and November. September/November issue of SALUTE has been published at Red Engine Press. ( I have an article on page nine. This military newsletter is filled with stories that touch the heart. It is a newsletter all the family can enjoy. You will find updates on the upcoming Branson Veteran's Week November 5-10, 2007. We will be there 5-7 November. Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell's book NO IMMEDIATE THREAT: The story of an American Veteran. A story of her brother who went to war in Vietnam a happy adventurous young man. Return a person who couldn't brush what he had seen under the rug and start a clean slate. He wandered the streets under the influence PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To read more click on William Lewis Nida published the book, Story of the World War for Young People, 1917 and I have a book to be released soon, Submarine Stories of World War II. Image N things at has the neatest things to be of help to writers promoting their books - bookmarks, signs, posters, wide format full color printing, laminating and they can enlarge tiny old photos. It is an exciting place.