Tuesday, June 30, 2015

NEWS-01: Wanted: New Associate Editor-Advertising for the America Submariner.
Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr on 6/30/2015
Your American Submariner is produced each quarter by myself and two associate editors. We need to immediately fill a vacancy for one associate, the Associate Editor-Advertising. The position DOES NOT HAVE TO WRITE (so you can keep reading!!) for the magazine. But what he (or she) does do is keep track of the advertising space we sell for each issue and make sure I have the right ones when I start the production each quarter.

To do this, an applicant needs knowledge of Microsoft Word (letters to advertisers) and Excel (where we keep track of each advertiser’s account and payment history.) This job is vital to the magazine and ensures I have the correct ads for each issue and advertisers are paying for their space. The shipmate who does this job must have both Word and Excel software programs on their computer.

We can’t do all this for free. The current Associate Editor-Advertising, with my input, came up with a rate schedule for selling ads including approved specific discounts available to advertisers. Using this schedule, the Associate Editor receives & records ad payments. Checks are deposited or mailed to the American Submariner Treasurer.

If you can help USSVI by being a vital part of the American Submariner team, contact me no later than July 30, 2015. And don’t worry that we’ll dump you into this cold. Our current Associate Editor Diane Singleman will provide a detailed turnover.

Chuck Emmett, EDITOR

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