Monday, June 16, 2014

Roy Lawton Eternal Patrol

Please add the name of Roy E. Lawton, proud member of the Sea Fox Assoc. to your list of those on final patrol. Roy passed away June, 11, 2014 after a long battle with cancer. Of all his 20 years in the Navy none were more thrilling to him than his time spent aboard the Sea Fox. Unhappily after he acquired his degree in Electrical Engineering and finished OCS he was deemed too old for submarines----a supreme disappointment! But we were all proud to be a Navy family. Our large family was with him constantly for the last 10 weeks of his life caring for his every need. I can’t thank our 6 children and their spouses enough for all the sacrifices they made to care for him round the clock. Roy was aboard the USS Sea Fox 1953-55.


Judith Lawton



Eternal Patrol

I have one consolation that lives with me today.

That God is near to him, in his own special way.

So God in all Your mercy, keep near Thyself the soul,

Of every Submariner, still on his final patrol.


Lord, this departed shipmate with Dolphins on his chest

Is part of an outfit known as the best.

Make him welcome and take him by the hand.

You'll find without a doubt he was the best in all the land.


So, heavenly Father add his name to the roll

Of our departed shipmates still on patrol.

Let them know that we who survive

Will always keep their memories alive.





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