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 Celebrating 50 years of USSVI

Submitted by: Michael Bircumshaw Natl Cdr on 6/9/2014


On the 24th of May 2014, to the day exactly 50 years since the official launching of USSVI, we honored the creation of our organization with the dedication of a historical plaque now forever enshrined in the Navy Memorial in Washington DC.

Officially dedicated, the USSVI plaque is now displayed in the Naval Memorial Foundation building in Washington, DC.

It is to be noted that the USSVI plaque is on the obverse side of a rotating panel on which is mounted the WWII Sub Vets plaque that was initiated and completed by Charley Scurvy Brown (recently deceased) a WWII Submariner Stew Burner, whom I was privileged to know and in fact spoke with him on the day (13 May 2014) he went on Eternal Patrol.  His last words to me were, Please dont forget us.  I promised him that we would not ever forget.

There were about 100 shipmates and guests in attendance and I was honored to read the history of USSVI as written by Peter Koester.  I will admit that I had trouble reading about the Thresher SSN 593, which was one of the primary motivating factors in Joe Negris desire to form USSVI.  I lost one of my best friends, Laird Heiser MM1 (SS) and the shipmate I went to SINS school with in 1961,Roger Van Pelt, who took the SINS job on the Thresher so I could go the USS Scamp SSN-588.

Sincere congratulations to everyone involved in the celebration, from Al Singleman NJVC, who organized it and made it happen to Paul Halle, Director of the Memorial, to RADM Fritz Rogge of OPNAV and RADM Walker, who always improves the quality of personnel in attendance, wherever he shows up.

The parade on Monday was a hoot.  I rode with Pete Koester in his jeep with no top, which allowed me the opportunity to stand in a precarious manner for the entire parade, not know or ever having seen the King wave, I went ahead and used the Queen wave for the duration of the ride.

Four bases had floats in the parade, Columbus Base, Rhode Island Base, Marblehead Base and Nathan Green Base.

Most of us wandered around the museums and memorials.  The WWII memorial was particularly impressive and to tell the truth, Not only myself, but everyone that I spoke to within our group had a great time and USSVI was very well represented by the marchers and the Bases who pulled the floats and sounded those Klaxons.



NEWS-02: Chicago TV:  Crash Dive Base: Chicago Memorial Submitted by: Office on 6/11/2014


Vice Commander Steve Benicke of the U.S.S. Chicago base for the U.S. Submarine Veterans and Vice Commander of the Crash Dive Base, Frank Voznak spoke about their efforts for a submarine memorial project for the city of Chicago.


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