Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bernerd J. Flanagan USS Sennet 408

Hi my name is Rebecca I'm the Granddaughter of Bernerd J. Flanagan who was on the Sennet 408 from 47-51 I know his nickname was "Goon" & well he has Cancer and is terminal the doctors informed us a couple months ago that he might have a year but could go sooner & I've been trying to track down old pictures of him from his navy days & maybe find guys he was on the Subs with to get some fun stories & things for him he hadn't left the house very much over the years so he didn't really go to the reunion's & after everything the doctors said & with his tumors he honestly doesn't leave the house at all anymore & since I know this will be his last year with us I wanted to make this special for him and the family. I found 2 pictures on the website but just figured I would email some people to see if they knew of anyone else I could contact. I understand if you can't help at all I just figured it was worth a shot I love my grandpa very much & love hearing stories about when he was on the Submarines, & My sisters & I are going to miss him greatly when he's gone Were just very grateful that we have been blessed to have him in our lives so far. I thank you for taking the time to read this no matter how things turn out I greatly appreciate everything.



Rebecca H.


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