Saturday, June 14, 2014

COVERT SAILORS - Submariner Sea Stories

NOW AVAILABLE in  Kindle or Paperback editions:

Hey there, sailor –  

     I am a Life Member of USSVI and belong to Groton Base, Carolina Piedmont Base and am commissioning Chaplain of Nathanael Greene Base. I have published my book entitled, “COVERT SAILORS – Submariner Sea Stories” by Jim Schenk, for sale from As promised, a portion of the royalties will be donated to USSVI.   If you answered my email in the past from then you should be ready to order and enjoy it now, because you are in there.  Well, some gave, and some did not.  Anyone desiring to be included in Volume Two may send their submissions to the above email and be sure to include SUBMARINE BOOK in the Subject Line as insurance that it does not go to Auto Dump. 

 Download the Kindle-version for use with: 
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the Amazon Kindle, 
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and Windows phones and tablets. 

     This endeavor, more or less, reads like an underwater version of McHale's Navy; not recommended for Skimmers or Civilians unless they use the Glossary in the Appendix. As you are reading this book, your wife will say to you, "What's so funny?" and you can choose to tell her, .........or not, but please, do pass the word. 

     The 5”x8”paperback issue is now available at 672 pages in easy-to-read larger print.  It can be purchased at for $23.35 or at for $21.23.  I had no say in the cost of the paperback, but the Kindle book is now at $5.00 upon my insistence.  Enjoy the read…I await your critique. 

     God bless you and your family, ….Jim. 


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