Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Watch the youtube video. Reminds me of the pers transfer made from the USS Portsmouth SSN 707 near Okinawa 1987.

Daring Rescue at Sea

CARTAGENA, Colombia, Aug 18
CARTAGENA, Colombia - In the early hours of 18 August the Peruvian submarine BAP ISLAY conducted a coordinated aerial MEDEVAC of a sick crewmember with the Colombian Navy. 

This evacuation, a rarity in in the submarine business, was conducted without incident via Colombian Navy helicopter about 150 nm NNW from Cartagena, Colombia. 

The crewmember was then transferred to Cartagena where he is currently under medical care at a Colombian Navy military treatment facility.  The BAP ISLAY, commanded by CDR Luis Leon, is currently enroute to the U.S. East Coast to commence Peru's 11th deployment under the U.S. Navy's Diesel-Electric Submarine Initiative (DESI).  

The DESI program partners with South American navies to employ diesel-electric submarines in support of fleet readiness events off the East and West Coasts.  DESI was established in 2011 by U.S. Fleet Forces Command and has Commander Submarine Force Atlantic acts as the program Executive Agent. 

The BAP ISLAY is a 1300 ton German Type 209 diesel electric submarine with a crew compliment of about 45.







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