Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Navy plans for Women on Submarines

Date: 7/27/2014

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 NEWS-01: Enlisted women to serve on attack submarines after 2020 Submitted by: Office on 7/24/2014

By 2020, the Navy plans to have women make up 20 percent of the enlisted crew on seven of the 18 Ohio-class submarines, according to the Navys latest integration plan. The plan also calls for enlisted women to begin serving on attack submarines after 2020, when the Block IV Virginia-class submarines begin entering the service.

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 NEWS-02: Submarine Crew History Project - 2014 Submitted by: Pat Householder on 7/26/2014

Look up your shipmates at under the Boats and Crews button, either by Boat Name or the individual's name.

 Started in 2006, now over 105,000 submariners, living or on Eternal Patrol, are accounted for in the database and linked to each submarine they served aboard, and the record grows daily.

NEWS-03: The Story of Submarine Warfare in the Pacific (1946) Submitted by: Office on 7/27/2014

This film was completed shortly after the end of the War and contains rare footage on US submarine operations you won't find anywhere else.

There is a cameo appearance by Japanese Fleet Admiral Nagano who discusses (in English) the effect of US sub operations on the ability of the Japanese to make war. That because the "pig boats" inflicted military and transport losses on the enemy that were far beyond their own tiny numbers.

 The program is introduced by Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, Jr, the legendary commander of Pacific submarine forces.
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