Sunday, February 3, 2013

Veteran Volunteers Share their Stories

I receive the U. S. Undersea Warfare News each day from Sublant. This was in todays edition, Jan. 22

AURORA, Colo. - Right now, some U.S. Navy submarine veterans are on an important mission across land-locked Colorado. They are cheering up children involved in the fight of a lifetime.

Everyday Hero Gene Keller leads the Denver area chapter of the U.S. Submarine Veterans group. One of his favorite community outreach programs is a national effort called KapSS 4 KidSS.

"I get a good feeling out of it because I make the kid happy," said Keller.

"A lot of them lose their hair and so that's where the caps come from, KapSS 4 KidSS.  And we make them honorary submariners and give stuff and just pay a little attention to them," said Gene Nagel, KapSS 4 KidSS.

Keller served on the U.S.S. Tinosa during the Cold War. He understands subs, and battling the odds.

"I am a cancer survivor and my wife is too, so I have got a little bit of empathy," said Keller.

Once a month the submarine vets visit with kids at the Aurora Ronald McDonald House and area hospitals to play games with the young patients, share some submarine history, and help the kids and their parents take their mind off their troubles for awhile.

Submarine veterans nationwide take part in KapSS 4 KidSS. They have 13,000 members, including in the Mile High City.

"A lot of people don't believe there are submariners in Colorado. Well, there are 84 here in Denver," said Nagel.

They are people like Gene Keller, who have served their country and continue to give.


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