Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Phantom - Maritime Museum of San Diego

Received from Kermit Beaver (63-65). 




Starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny
In theaters everywhere March 1st, 2013
"Phantom is one of the most realistic post-WWII submarine movies that has
 ever been made.  It is also the first Hollywood movie shot almost entirely
inside an actual, Soviet cold-war submarine, docked at the Maritime
Museum of San Diego.  In particular, the film truly captures the unique
camaraderie and courage any submarine crew experiences, whether
 American or Soviet."  -Captain Charles MacVean, US Navy (ret). 
 Former Skipper, USS SEAWOLF (SSN-575).
At the first public screening held for the San Diego Maritime Museum last
Thursday, we were proud to have US Navy Captain Charles MacVean in
attendance.  During our Q&A that followed, he said the above quote.
INSPIRED BY ACTUAL EVENTS:  Phantom is a tense, claustrophobic
 undersea thriller about a Cold War Russian submarine crew, who risk
everything to stop a rogue nuclear missile launch that could start WW3.   
Maritime Museum of San Diego:
Get the word out!  Contact your fellow submariners
and support this film.


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