Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Stan belongs to the SubVet RVr's club, and can use your inputs.

Kirk Smith


Hi Shipmates,

I am writing another book and need your help.  It is called WestPac Sailor and is about the escapades we all were involved in one way or another.  There are lots of good stories to be told.  Here is how it works.  On the website I am about to give you there is a form where you can tell your story(s).  By using that form your story(s) will come to me as anonymous.  I will have no idea who sent it.  Should you want your named added to it you will need to include your name at the end of the story. So have a little fun.  No holds bared.  Any language.  Don't worry about making it perfect.  I will edit for the book.

I know you have stories from the good old days so lets hear them and lets get them in print.

You can use Word or some other program but when you are done you can just cut and paste it into the email.  Any length you want.  Longer the better.  Take your time.  No hurry.

Here is the website: http://westpacsailor.info 


Best Regards,

Stan Cook Books By Cook

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