Thursday, January 15, 2015

War Beneath the Waves

Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., has acquired my first book and I am writing a second book, "War Beneath the Waves." I am represented  by Loiacono Literary Agency. 

I am open to receive your submarine stories for publication in the second book.
SUBMARINE STORIES OF WORLD WAR II is written to honor all the men who have served and are serving today on submarines. Nine veterans share their experiences while serving during the 1940s. Many had never been away from home before they ventured beneath the sea to an unknown world of silence to spy and destroy enemy ships. It was a world which quickly changed naive teenagers into men who took home good and painful memories.
William Dreher - USS Boarfish SS-327
Melvin T. Smith USS Snapper-185
Marion Shinn USS Guavina SS-362
James Davidson SS Guitarro SS-363
Wayne Goodenow USS Sea Cat SS-399
Billy Grieves USS Thresher SS-200
Gail Diamond USS Scorpion SS-278
Joseph Blanchett USS Seal SS-183
Ervin O. Schmidt USS Saury SS-189
USS Torsk SS-423
Ervin Schmidt was aboard the USS California BB-44 when it was bombed at Pearl Harbor. James A. Davidson was living at the Armed Forces Retired Home Gulf port, Mississippi when hurricane Katrina arrived.
Irma Goodenow shares a love poem she wrote for her submarine husband of 59 years.

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