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NEWS-01: San Francisco Maritime National Park wants submarine articles for newsletter.

Submitted by: Alfred H Singleman Jr on 1/5/2015



The San Francisco Maritime National Park Association (SFMNPA) revived their prestigious semi-annual newsletter, The Sea Letter.  Amongst the vessels SFMNPA maintains is the museum boat, USS Pampanito (SS-383). They are requesting contributions for two articles for their upcoming Spring 2015 issue by submarine veterans.


Specifically, they seek anecdotal reminiscences about life aboard diesel boats.  The first article being framed as follows:

 Recollections of veterans of service in the Fleet Boats of WWII and Korean War: Close quarters, tedium, danger, advanced technology, and uncertainty fostered a unique submarine culture, focused on maintaining and fighting the vessel most efficiently.  Specifics: protocols, command structure, hygienic, social structure, morale, stresses, reliefs, etc.

The second article being  is about the evolution of technology and tactics during WWII that enabled the submarine service to become an effective offensive force:

Pampanito was designed and operated first and foremost as a weapon.  How did strategy and tactics, as well as systems, technology and culture evolve to enable success?  Communication, detection, weapons, ventilation, energy storage, etc. evolved in response to initial failures, adaptive and disruptive technologies, tactics, and mission creep.

 Written submission length: 500 1,000 words as a MS Word documentphotographs and diagrams enhancing the descriptions are encouraged & appreciated. Shipmates are requested to provide their name, rate/rank, qual boat & year, and USSVI Base to give credit for submissions; ilude contact information should a need for clarification be determined.  Please send materials by email to / Pete Juhos, District Commander, Western Region District Five.  Deadline: Jan 16, 2015.

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