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                                                             USS Sennet SS-408

                    Post 2013 Reunion Newsletter

October 12,2013

Well Shipmates, the 2013 All Hands Reunion is now in the history books. We had 82 people at our banquet. Entertainment during the banquet was by the “Plantation Singers”. They sang songs and spirituals from the plantation days. They did an outstanding job and everyone enjoyed it from what I heard and saw.


The Dinner Cruise had 78 of our people which was great also. Food was excellent and the harbor water seemed like we were on a mill pond. Beautiful weather for the entire Reunion. As I always say… Nothing can be finer than to be in Carolina……


The golf tournament and Ladies Luncheon were well attended. At the Ladies Luncheon Sharon arranged to have 2 ladies come in and demonstrate the making of “Sweet Grass” baskets. They had comp leted baskets on display and for purchase. We raffled off one of the baskets during the banquet.


David Hardy conducted our Memorial Service for ALL of our Shipmates on Eternal Patrol. We have 456 Shipmates, that we know of, on Eternal Patrol, 29 of those since our 2011 Reunion. They are: Arch Blevins, Joe Burney, Tom Burns, Ed Corack, Walt Danzieri, Ted Darby, Santo Daversa, Dusty Dohm, Wayne Donaldson, Ed Figas, James Gray, Gerald Hanson, Pappy Henderson, Ned Henry, Wayne Hilton, Bill Hovey, Rich Hrovat, Jack Kaselack, Dick Krauk, Joe McDevitt, Bob Naess, Henry Ohlmann, Frenchie Remillard, Bill Rudolph, Charlie Rutherford, Franz Schultheis, Ed Sweeny, Bob Tift, Noel Williams and just this past week Ron Maietta. I know there are more that we don’t have record of and we included them in our memorial also.


The business meeting was conducted following a short break after the Memorial Service. During this meeting, as always, we nominated and elected our next 2015 reunion location. Myrtle Beach, SC and Panama City Beach, FL were nominated. Myrtle Beach was elected in a close race. Only 2 vote difference.

I will be looking at what is available in Myrtle Beach around the middle of next year,2014. If you have any suggestions and/or ideas, pass them along and we’ll look into them. More than likely the 2015 Reunion will be held the end of September, first of October as we did for this past reunion. Prices are usually much better for us at that time and it is still warm enough to take in the beach activities. As soon as I get a handle on it I’ll be rattling your cages to let you know the details.


I’ll be restocking the Ship’s Store very soon with Golf Shirts, T-Shirts, and hats. I do have on hand Sennet challenge coins $10ea, Sennet Jacket patches $8ea and some Sennet Coffee Mugs $3ea. The cost of shirts will be determined when I order new ones.

I do have on hand an over stock of Gold Dolphin Golf Shirts, T-Shirts and hats. These I have put ON SALE 50% OFF. Keep in mind, ALL proceeds and donations go directly into our Reunion Fund.


Remember to check our website, . Jim Vernon will be sending Stan Pollard, our WebMaster, pictures he took during the reunion as is Carl Albury. Any others that would like to have Stan post pictures you took, contact Stan. If you don’t see pictures you have sent in keep checking the site as Stan refreshes the pictures often.

We ( Jim, Carl & I ) are going to try and make up a CD of pictures. Don’t know the cost right now of the CD, but, give us a few weeks then contact me by email, phone or snail mail.


In closing, Sharon and I want to thank each and everyone that attended this past reunion and donated to the gift given to us. We really do appreciate it very much…THANK YOU!!!

Again, thanks again Shipmates. Stay well and be safe



Ralph Luther                                  

PO Box 864                                    

Summerville, SC 29484-0864


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