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National Board of Directors BOD

NEWS-01: National Board activity September 2013 Submitted by: T. Michael Bircumshaw on 10/1/2013



A heads up on what the National Board of Directors BOD has been doing is as follows.

But first a message in behalf of our reason for being here:


The US Submarines lost in the month of October are:

USS Seawolf (SS-197)  Lost with all hands (82 crew and 17 U.S. Army) on 3 October 1944 when it was mistaken for a Japanese submarine and sunk by friendly destroyers just north of Morotai, Republic of the Philippines.


USS S-44 (SS-155) Lost on 7 October 1943 with the loss of 54 men when it was sunk by surface craft off Paramushiru, Kuriles.  2 men survived and were taken prisoner.


USS Wahoo (SS-238)   Lost with all hands (80 men) during a Japanese air and surface attack on 11 October 1943 in La Perouse Strait off northern Japan.


USS Dorado (SS-248)  Lost with all hands (76 men) by an Air Attack on 12 October 1943 in the SW Atlantic.


USS Darter (SS-227)   Lost on 24 October 1944 when it became grounded on Bombay Shoal off Palawan then was destroyed. All the crew were rescued by USS Dace.


USS Shark (SS-314) Lost with all hands (90 men) on 24 October 1944 when it was sunk by Japanese surface craft in the channel midway between Hainan and Bashi Channel.


USS Tang (SS-306) Lost with 78 men on 25 October 1944 when it was sunk by her own torpedo in the north end of the Formosa Strait.  Nine of the crew were taken prisoner and survived the war.  Her Commanding Officer, Richard OKane, received the Congressional Medal of Honor.


USS Escolar (SS-294) Lost with all hands (82 men) by possible Japanese Mine in the Yellow Sea off China on 17 October 1944.


USS O-5 (SS-66) Lost on 29 October 1923 with the loss of 3 men when it was sunk after a collision with the SS Ababgarez (owned by the United Fruit company) off the Panama Canal.  Torpedomans Mate 2d Class (SS) Henry Berault received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions.


September BOD business:

The Smokey Mountain Base proposed the adoption of the Polaris Military Tartan as the officialTartan of USSVI.  After much discussing and cussing, the Polaris Military Tartan was approved by the BOD as the USSVI official Tartan.  Now all we need is for the Smokey Mountain Base to write up a nice article explaining how it came into existence  in the first place and submit some photos of one of our hairy legged shipmates in full regalia, in living color of course.


The BOD approved an additional $8,000.00 for the operating costs of the national office (contract payments for the office manager) to allow for  the additional 4 months in this (once in a USSVI lifetime) 16 month budget.

The BOD has determined that the annual midterm meeting will be held in Dallas Texas from the 10-12 of March 2014.  For those of you with midterm business items please get them submitted early enough  for us to consider them.

The following items were opened and discussed but will remain in Old Business for the October online BOD meeting:

1.            National organization funding.

2.            Long Range Planning.  To identify the items of major significance for our Long Range Planning is to nail down 3 primary directions:

A.            Fund Raising

B.            Member Recruiting

C.            Member Retention

Everything else is collateral and or secondary to keeping us healthy and progressing in our purpose and reason for existing

3.            This is related to national funding and is the continuing discussion of the 2014, 50th anniversary memorial coin.  Be ready to get the dozen you will want for family and friends.  In fact give it to them with a copy of the new 2014 USSVI calendar.  Everybody needs to know what fine Sub Vet day it is.

If I missed anything Im sure someone will remind me in a most gentle way and I will pass it on.

Have a safe and sane Halloween and brush well after all of that Trick or Treating I know you will all be doing.

Thanks for your service and thanks for being a Sub Vet.










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