Sunday, October 27, 2013

US Submarine Veterans Inc Dues

NEWS-02: It is that time once again!

Submitted by: T. Michael Bircumshaw on 10/10/2013


Every year about this time the organization, from Bases all the way to National are looking to stay in business and the way to do that is to collect those DUES.  Now is a really good time to launch that Sea Daddy Program you haven't quite gotten around to.  It works.  You will be surprised how many more Shipmates RE-UP if somebody will just talk to them.  Tell them about the benefits of USSVI and the Charitable Foundation and how important it is to remember our Shipmates, all of them that are here and all who have gone.  Share a Sea Story and talk about the Boats  that you were both on.  You probably know Shipmates and can share that too.  The DUES for National are really cheap, about the cost of half a lunch, 20 bucks.  December 31 is the deadline, let's make it happen, with a smile please.





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