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From: "USSVI POC: T. Michael Bircumshaw" <>

Subject: USSVI OFFICIAL BUSINESS: SubVet News - #2013-079

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 14:14:45 -0500


Date: 11/24/2013

To: Distribution List



NEWS-01: Online Submarine Museum

Submitted by: Office on 11/18/2013


USSVI has an online submarine museum on Facebook and in addition to comments, is loaded with pictures of boats by class, interiors, sub bases, tenders, sub cartoons, patches, etc.  (click on the word "Photos" on the page.)


If you like what you see (and I think you will), please click the LIKE button.



NEWS-02: American Submariner Editor Change Submitted by: Chuck Emmett on 11/21/2013


Shipmates, My name is Chuck Emmett and, beginning with 2014, I will be the new editor of our magazine, the American Submariner. To ensure that a clear pipeline is available for information flow to me, I have established a dedicated phone line and e-mail address just for the magazine. They are:






NEWS-03: Submarine Dallas heads home from final deployment Submitted by: Office on 11/22/2013


The attack submarine Dallas is coming home to Groton for the holidays — and for good, following its final deployment after more than 30 years in service.


Dallas has deployed to every operational theater, circumnavigating the globe and passing through the Panama Canal in 1984. It later supported operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.


Click on the link for the story...




Complex Repair Under Way On Submarine Montpelier Submitted by: Office on 11/22/2013


More than a year after a collision that tore off the upper rudder and damaged the hull, the submarine Montpelier remains under repair at Newport News Shipbuilding, Va. The work, envisioned early on as needing only a few months, turned out to be much more extensive, and the ship isn’t expected to be returned to full service until April.


The work has involved completely rebuilding the rudder assembly and replacing a large chunk of the pressure hull over the engine room.


Go to the link for the story...



NEWS-05: Call for Proposed Amendments

Submitted by: Office on 11/23/2013


Our Constitution and Bylaws Chairman is


Richard Nelson

901 Canterbury Ln

Keller, TX  76248-5224



He is the one to send Proposed Amendments to for consideration for the national ballot.  By email is preferable, but snail mail will also work.


It is his job to ensure the Proposed Amendments:

1. Are complete statements which will stand on their own merit.

2. Clearly state the intent of the author and the section of the organization policy affected.

3. Reflect the estimated or actual cost, if any, to the organization.

4. Are legible, limited to one agenda item, and conform to procedures as established by the Committee Chairman.

5. Are signed and dated by the author.

6. When proposed amendments to both the National Constitution and the National Bylaws are received for review, ensure there are neither duplicated nor frivolous submissions on identical subjects, and place them in the proper wording for inclusion into the Constitution or Bylaws when if passed. In the event of conflict between two or more proposed amendments, determine if they are essentially the same and compose wording without change to the original intent and make the decision as to whether one or both proposed amendments are acceptable to be placed on the ballot. The committee shall make a conscious effort to identify and remedy any proposed amendment that may cause a ripple effect.

7. Upon completion of review and with the committee’s comments attached, submit proposed amendments to amend the Constitution and Bylaws to the National Secretary in time sufficient for the Board of Directors to review and approve the proposed amendments for preparation of the National Ballot.




NEWS-06: AMERICAN SUBMARINER - Submitting Material for Publication Submitted by: Chuck Emmett on 11/24/2013




There is but one single motivating factor for the existence of this notice.  The main objective of the Editor and Staff of the American Submariner is to entertain and inform our readers with the best information available, and these guidelines will help us in the creation and production of the best possible publication for our Sub Vets and others in our submariner community.


The input is what determines how good a magazine is. Articles about what we all have experienced, about community projects that the bases have participated, reunions of the different boats, and other submarine-related news. All these things factor into how good a magazine is or will be.


This magazine is not a forum about religion or politics. Articles with reference to these topics will be rejected out of hand.


The amount of material received per issue is huge. All articles are reviewed by the editor for that upcoming issue. Some articles are rejected, while others may not appear in the magazine but on the electronic version. Of necessity, the Editor is the only person deciding which articles go into the magazine.



1.    Write something related to the submariner community that is of National Interest to our reading audience. Something based on a personal experience or that of a shipmate to which the audience can relate is always a plus.

2.    Write the best article using proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Get help from your family, friends, and use spell check and grammar check options on your computer.

3.    Articles should be submitted in MS Word (*.doc) format if at all possible. Otherwise, it should be submitted as a “txt” file. Use single spacing with proper upper and lower case letters. NOTE:  I CANNOT USE ARTICLES SUBMITTED IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

4.    Photos “make” a story and should be used whenever possible, BUT NOT embedded in your article. YOU MUST PROPERLY IDENTIFY PEOPLE IN YOUR PHOTOS. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN REJECTION.

5.    Your articles and photos must be transmitted digitally. If you yourself cannot accomplish this, find a friend with a computer and either have it sent by e-mail or loaded onto a CD-ROM and that in turn mailed.

6.    Articles should be emailed to or, if not possible, on a CD disc to Chuck Emmett, 7011 W. Risner Road, Glendale, AZ 85308-8074.


Things to Remember . . .


Story Quality: None of us are “Ernest Hemmingway.” Don’t try to a masterpiece. Put down the classic information, “who, what, when and where,” and I’ll do the rest. Of course, the less work an article needs the more natural it may be for me to consider it. BUT I WON’T REJECT A GREAT STORY JUST BECAUSE IT’S WRITTEN POORLY. I can scan in stories on paper but they must be typed and clearly legible.


Picture Quality: Pictures must be the highest resolution you can get (this is the “dpi” or dots-per-inch) and in either “jpg,” “png” of “tiff” format. A resolution of 180 dpi is good, 300 dpi is better. 72 dpi or less just won’t make it. If you can’t get this, send the original photograph (BUT THEY CAN’T BE RETURNED!)


Title:  Your article must bear a suggested name (it must have a Title.) The Editor will assign the final “Title” (Headline) to your story.


SIZE MATTERS! Smaller is always better! A 150-300 word story is ideal. There are about 700 words to a page. With 600 words there is no room for pictures. Longer articles may be published as a serial type of story based on the Editor’s decision.


I am new to the Editor, American Submariner role. For the time being, I will try and acknowledge articles. This may become impossible later.


There are two dedicated ways to reach me:

Phone: (623) 478-2653


“In addition to perpetuating the memory of departed shipmates, we shall provide a way for all Submariners to gather for the mutual benefit and enjoyment . .  .“

-              2nd Paragraph, USSVI Creed




Chuck Emmett,

National Editor, American Submariner Magazine




NEWS-07: Happy Thanksgiving

Submitted by: T. Michael Bircumshaw on 11/24/2013


It is that Turkey time of year once more and I wish each and every one of you the very best for you and your families.  Of special note is the generosity of the members of the Groton Base who managed to put together a 100 Turkey repast for the local Shipmates.  Well done!

Remember that as soon as you finish dinner on the 28th it is time to put up those Christmas and Hanukkah decorations to celebrate in the manner to which you are accustomed, followed almost immediately by Black Friday, so everyone has something to do.  It is always a good time to do something.  How about each of us bringing in a new member between now and the first of the year?

Just One!











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