Wednesday, November 13, 2013


NEWS-06: 2014 50th Anniversary Patch and Commemorative Coin Submitted by: Barry Commons NSK on 11/6/2013


Barry Commons, our National Storekeeper, is now taking orders for the USSVI 50th Anniversary Coin and Patch. The profits from the sale of the 50th Anniversary Coin and Patch will help offset the cost of the 2014 USSVI 50TH Anniversary Memorial Day activities in Washington, DC.


The USSVI 50th Anniversary Coin is $15.00 ea, the 50th anniversary Patch is $7.50 ea, or in a combination for $ 20.00.


Base storekeepers should call Barry or go to the USSVI NSK website to order quantity coins or patches for their base resale.


Go to the link for images of the patch and coin...



Barry Commons, USSVI National Storekeeper E-mail Phone 925-679-1744


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