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From: "USSVI POC: James A Fox"

Subject: USSVI OFFICIAL BUSINESS: SubVet News - #2012-107
Date: 12/3/2012

NEWS-01: New Era Of Sub Training Ahead With Opening Of Groton Facility

Groton - From his post at the top of the submarine's sail, Lt. Andrew Pyle looked out Wednesday at the buoys that mark the entrance to New London Harbor. He saw New London Ledge Light to his right.
Sailboats darted in front of the submarine, and Pyle had to react. It began to snow, and the sea grew rougher.
But Pyle was not in a submarine returning to the Naval Submarine Base. He was in a building at the Naval Submarine School.
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NEWS-02: BZ to West Tennessee Base!

Submitted by: Office on 11/29/2012

Six members of the 74 member West Tennessee Base each contributed $ 125.00 towards the Washington DC Memorial Plaque Project, bringing the total donations to $ 8,071.00 to date!
BZ and thanks to Bob Medearis, Jerry Beckley, Johnny Pederson, Bill Buckingham, John Backus and Douglas Nunnery for their thoughtful gift to help us recognize and honor all American Submariners, living and on Eternal Patrol, at the "Quarterdeck of the Navy."

NEWS-03: Clamagore Base Established in USSVI

Congratulations to Bob Dewar, Base Commander of the newly established USSVI Clamagore Base.
Administratively, this new base is assigned to the SE Region (Dick Kanning, Reg Dir) and SE Dist 4 (William "Doc" Sweaney, Dist Cdr.)
All 130 past crewmen of USS Clamagore (SS-343)in USSVI are invited to make Clamagore Base their own, in addition to whatever other base they cuurrently belong to. Base dues at this time is a very affordable $ 0.00 per year. Contact Bob Dewar at to join our new base.

NEWS-04: So your Base wants to have a National Convention
Submitted by: Carl Schmidt on 12/3/2012

At the USSVI convention in Norfolk it was voted at the Annual Business Meeting ( ABM)to have a Convention in 2015 that was approved by the USSVI members in attendance at the ABM. Any base that would like to host this special 2015 convention will need to sent their request and appropriate information to the National Senior Vice Commander prior to March 1,2013 to which will be reviewed by the National E-Board at their Mid-Term Meeting in March 2013, Any base having any questions regarding hosting the special 2015 convention please contact Carl Schmidt NSVC 501-843-7855.

Carl Schmidt
NSVC 2012-2014

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