Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Melvin T. Smith SOMC served on submarines for sixteen years and five years  with the Antisubmarine Defense Force - Hunter Killer Force. Helicoper Antisubmarine Squadron Seven.
Melvin recieving a letter from John Smith Thach, Commander  Killer Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Mac A. Graham, Commanding Officer.
Others in the photo I have only last names: L-R Sybrwski, Liebold and Mansfield. If anyone can help add to this photo, please let me know.

It was at this time Melvin Smith invented the water telephone.

Everything he did while serving in the U.S. Navy was very interesting. His career alone could fill a book. He did a great job and loved what he did.

In an up coming book, "Submarine Stories of the 20th Century," he shares a story of when he served on the USS Snapper and the USS Sea Fox. He served on four other boats.

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