Sunday, May 18, 2014


As for what boat we were on when we didn't go there on it, and didn't do the stuff we did while not doing that either, apparently I'm not supposed to even mention the USS Haddo SSN-604 because I guess I'm not allowed to refer to the Haddo for security reasons, so I won't do that. Mention the USS Haddo SSN-604 I mean.


 The other stuff, it's okay for me to not mention that too.
So the bottom line is that while we weren't on the USS Haddo SSN-604, which I'm not going to mention, not doing what we were doing where we weren't, we didn't do that either.
I hope this clarifies things for ya.



After having re-read the above, the only thing I can think of that's left to say is that now you have me scared, because I sound like a Congressman.
But I'm not. I really was a submariner, though. Can you tell?

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