Monday, September 2, 2013

WWII Submarine Veteran Charlie Odom



Regretfully we must report that WWII Submarine Veteran Charlie Odom departed on Eternal Patrol yesterday morning August 23rd.

At the age of 100, Charlie was the second oldest member of USSVI. He enlisted in 1934 and retired from active duty as an ENC (SS) in 1956 after serving for 22 yrs. Followed by 5+ years in the Fleet Reserve.

Charlie served on 6 boats S1 SS-105, USS Snapper SS-185, USS Sargo SS-188, USS Billfish SS-286, USS Sabaco SS-302 and the USS Bang SS-385. In addition he served on the US Chanticleer ASR-7 and the USS Whipstock YO-49.

Services will be at 2:00 pm at the Click Funeral Home in Farragut, TN.


These old warriors are leaving us at an escalating pace, so greet and chat with one every time the opportunity arises.


Sailor Rest Your Oar, you have earned the privilege.


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