Saturday, September 14, 2013

USSVI Database

This is a ALL HANDS heads-up from the USSVI database support team.


It looks like the Weekend after next they will be relocating the servers that host Decklog and USSVI. Current plan is to physically move the servers either Saturday or Sunday Sept 14th or Sept 15th.


The Decklog/USSVI database websites including the base websites will be offline and unavailable for up to 48 Hours as they are physically moved from the current hosting facility to the new hosting facility.


This move will not affect the independent base websites, the Facebook websites, or the USSVI BBS websites.  Following the move, access and website addresses will be exactly the same as before.  For reference, the main website is at




Patrick Householder


USSVI Past National Commander 2008-2010


Decklog Boats and Crews Manager






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