Tuesday, August 13, 2013

USS Drum


When Jan and I were in Gulf Shores, AL. this past April, Pete Rathmell and I went to a meeting of the Drum Base. Their meeting takes place at the USS Alabama Memorial site in Mobile, AL, (check ussvi.org for more info). Tom has put a hell of a lot of work into fixing up the Drum. I know that he is assisted by a young women - and unfortunately, I don't recall her name. Together, they have made the USS Drum a destination. The interior of the boat is in great condition. The exterior requires a lot of work, and that is where the emphasis is now. Tom has discovered a potential way to complete his goals of bringing the USS Drum back to her former glory. Let us all help this project in any way that we can.




MOBILE-Thomas Bowser, the man tasked with restoring the U.S.S. Drum at Battleship Park has written a book about the submarine.

Bowser signed copies of his book “The Three Lives of the U.S.S. Drum” on Sunday.

Bowser believes that preserving history of submarines while sharing the story about the crew’s challenges makes a unique story worthy of a book.

“I did a lot of the work before just to put it out for visitors to see and November I decided to turn it into a book and compile it all together,” says Bowser.

Bowser’s book will be available at the Battleship’s gift shop and on Amazon.com.


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