Wednesday, August 25, 2010

US NAVY SUBMARINE "CHEF" RECIPES My name is Wally Gage, I'm an Old Chief Torpedoman who qualified on the USS Volador (SS-490) in 1956. I am a member of the Ozark Runner Base of the USSVI in Springfield, MO. Our Base Commander is Ron Athey. I recently published a cookbook, US NAVY SUBMARINE "CHEF" RECIPES used on US Navy Submarines where I reduced them to family portions. All the recipes will bring back the memories of poking holes in the ocean and hot bread for "Mid Rats" I also, added a section as tribute to all 65 lost submarines and their crews. In addition there is a section describing locations of all the US Navy Submarine Museums. I an proud to say I have gotten great reviews. My website outlines ways the USSVI Bases can take advantage of the book as a fund raiser. I have set up several book signing at different submarine reunions. George Mason, Vice Commander of the Ozark Runner Base will have the book for sale at the USSVI Cincinnati Convention and our base will have a booth with information about the 2011 USSVI Convention to be held in Springfield, MO. Website Please call or e-mail me for details. If you desire, I will sign the cookbooks. Wally Gage 417-336-4400

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