Friday, November 25, 2016

Heroes Beneath the Waves.

Copied this from the Kitsap Regional Library Washington State. I am so grateful they carry my book.
Life Under the Water: Statistics & Interesting Submarine Facts1(8)
"Eternal Patrol": In Memory of the Fifty-two Submarines Lost in World War II9(9)
"Mentality in Submarines"18(3)
H.L. Hunley21(4)
"Tossing Lines: Hats Off to All Submariners" by John Steward
USS Thresher (SS-200)25(12)
Billy A. Grieves
USS Guitarro (SS-363)37(6)
James A. Davidson
USS Perch (SS-176)43(9)
Robert Wayne Lents
Marian "Turk" Turner
Samuel Ford Simpson
USS Nautilus (SF-9/SS-168)52(11)
Hank Kudzik
Jerome S. Gross
Boots Hanson
USS Scorpion (SS-278)63(10)
Gail L. Diamond
USS Sawfish (SS-276)73(5)
James E. Scott
USS S-28 (SS-133)78(3)
Melvin Tolbert Smith
USS Seal (SS-183)81(3)
Joseph T. Blanchett
USS Billfish (SS-286)84(4)
John D. Rendernick
USS Puffer (SS-268)88(7)
"Man Overboard" by O.L. Frith
Thomas Addison Metz
USS Snapper (SS-185)95(10)
Melvin Tolbert Smith
"Christmas Below the Sea"105(1)
A poem by Mary Nida Smith
USS Tullibee (SS-284)106(5)
Cliff Kuykendall
USS Blenny (SS/AGSS-324)111(6)
Howard D. Eckhart
USS Sea Cat (SS/AGSS-399)117(3)
Wayne B. Goodenow
"Thank God that I'm a Sub-Vet's Wife"120(2)
A poem by Irma Goodenow
USS Boatfish (SS-327)122(6)
William Dreher
USS Guavina (SS/SSO/AGSS/AOSS-362)128(12)
Marion Shinn
USS Tinosa (SS-283)140(10)
Loyal A. Huson
USS Torsk (SS-423)150(4)
Ervin O. Schmidt
USS Pogy (SS-266)154(12)
War Patrols
"I Went on Strike in the Navy," by Robert L. DeVore Sr.
"Mascot on Fogy (SS-266)," by Robert L. DeVore Sr.
"Last Patrol and Return of Fogy" by Robert L. DeVore Sr.
"Submarine Battle Fears," by Robert L. DeVore Sr.
USS Tunny (SS/SSG/APSS/LPSS-282)166(7)
Marvin S. Blair
"Recalling Brutal Winter Days of Old at Electric
Boat Shipyard," by John Steward
USS Sea Fox (SS-402)177(15)
Captain Norman "Red" Stein "What's a Submarine Commander Doing with the Likes of Doris Day and Mary Martin?" written by Colonel Wilcox Norman "Red" Stein
"Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It" by Joe M. Greenberg
Jerry Foss
USS Tiru (SS-416)192(3)
"I Remember"—A Submarine Poem Story by Dick Murphy
"Submarine Career as a Spook Rider" by Curtis Grant195(6)
USS Sunfish (SSN-649)201(8)
"Christmas I Remember Best" by Mark R. Clary USS Daniel Webster (SSBN-626)/USS James Monroe (SSN-622)
"Panama Canal Transit" by Wayne "Kirk" Smith
USS Skipjack (SS-184)209(5)
The Famous "Toilet Paper" Letter
USS Raton (SS/SSR/AGSS-270)214(4)
Joe Sabol, John "Biff" Baker
"The Life of a Submarine Man," poet unknown218(2)
The Submarine Veterans of World War II220(2)
WWII Submarine Patches & Battle Flags222(4)
Typical U.S. Submarine Cutaway Showing Compartmentation226(1)
Retirees—When Can I Wear My Uniform?227(3)
About The Author239

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