Sunday, November 16, 2014


        Below is a link to SubVets WWII Memorial Kings Bay GA that Bob Hurley sent. Great photos of the WWII Memorial Event in Kings Bay.  The is event is 3 or 4 days,  - something going on all the time.

The Base bends over backwards for all who attend, not just the WWII Vets or us Retarded folks, but also to those who may have only did one hitch.  Meaningful Memorial Service.  Great chow & plenty of it, at the right price -- Chow Hall, Goat Locker, BBQ at the host hotel, or Low Country Boil at the Eagles, and, or yes, their are also restaurants. 

If you have never been to this event, ask a shipmate, he'll tell you that you are missing something; somthing that may not be here by the time we cross the bar and begin our final patrol.


Photos taken of many of the events held last week at the Annual SUBVET WWII Memorial in Kings Bay, Georgia:


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