Saturday, December 28, 2013


 To all the men and women serving our country - Happy New Year.


NEWS-01: AMERICAN SUBMARINER Magazine Jan 6 Deadline Submitted by: Chuck Emmett - Editor on 12/28/2013


This is a friendly reminder that the Jan 6 deadline for A/S article submissions is fast approaching.


Articles received after the deadlines may be considered for publishing in the next scheduled edition of the magazine.

All articles are published at the sole discretion of the Editor.


Charles (Chuck) Emmett

Editor, USSVI American Submariner

Tel (623) 478-2653


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armen bagdasarian said...

chuck: what no passwords or signing on, what a breath of fresh air.. My qual boat was uss pompon ssr267 and I usually haunt local chapter meetings(seal beach waepons sta). Anyway I read something about cremation in one of the articles and it got me to tninking.How about a protocol to enable cremated submariners to be buried at sea. I think our younger crewmembers would be honored, knowing that they also would receive the same honors.Armen bagdasarian