Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From: Pat Householder nc@ussvi.org To Frank R. Kaye fkaye53@yahoo.com Sent Wed, June 16, 2010 Subject: USSVI: Dear Base Commander Kaye: This is a 'heads up' message regarding SSBN-601 Subvet and USSVI Chief Technology Officer Tim VeArd, 2008 Joe Negri Shipmate of the Year, the creator of DECKLOG and the provider of the USSVI online membership system and over 100 free Base websites and online submariner database.In addition, there are 81 boat associations using this very valuable tool and over 50,000 submariners registered in this integrated database. Tim was diagnosed with Lung Cancer several weeks ago, and went under the knife today, Wednesday June 16. His wife, Lynda reported "Tim was in surgery for over 3 hours. We just spoke to his doctor and Tim came through the surgery just fine. Unfortunately it was cancer and he could not save any of the lung....he had to take the whole right lung out. Our doc had 2 other surgeons come in to see if there was anyway to save the upper lobe, but they all agreed it could not be saved. It appears to be squamous cell cancer.Tim will be moved to ICU shortly and I will be able to go see him. Lynda said, "You can send "Get Back to Battery" cards to: Tim VeArd PO Box 121414West Melbourne, FL 32912-1414 Emails can be sent to him in the hospital while recovering from surgery, after June 17 at: http://www.health-first.org/hospitals_services/hrmc/ (click on Patients & Visitors, then "send a message to patient" ... he cannot reply)In anticipation of a potential very bad outcome, our shipmate Tim made prior arrangements for a succession and ongoing maintenance so that this submariners legacy project would go forward no matter what.We all are very fortunate to have such a generous and supportive shipmate as Tim, and I hope you will join me in wishing him a swift and complete recovery.You can learn more details on the national binnacle list at http://www.ussvi.org Patrick Householder; US Submarine Veterans Natl Cdr USS Chopper, Redfish, Diodonwww.ussvi.org

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