Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SVARA - The Submarine Veterans Amateur Radio Association. (I met Mr. Flanders at the 110th Submarine Birthday Dinner hosted by the USS Razorbase Base (Little Rock) on April 11 at Harrison's Hisorical 1929 Hotel Seville, April 10th. The USS Snook Base (Rogers), Twin Lakes Base (Mountain Home) and The Ozark-Runner Base Springfield, Missouri Base members attended. We all had a great time. Mr. Flanders will be posting the pictures he took while there.) This is to augment the nets on 14.343.0 +/- 5khz @ 1130 to 1300 EDST, 1030 TO 1200 CDST; 0930 TO 1100 MDST; 0830 TO 1000 PDST (local times do not change with daylight savings times)every day except Sunday and 7.279 @ 1800 central times on Friday and Saturday evenings. SPECIAL INTEREST TO US:Calender - - for special events For my photo albums: http://community.webshots.com/user/jim_flandersType http://w0oog.us/ to get to the first of my web ring.My latest website: http://w0oog.50megs.com/ I am working on:http://w0oog.home.att.net For shiplist, go to http://www.marinefunker.de/eng/shiplist.htmlFor European activity, go to:http://www.marinefunker.de/eng/show.php3?pos=13

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