Saturday, March 13, 2010

Submarine Birthday Dinner (and related activities) April 10th 2010 Historic 1929 Hotel Seville in downtown Harrison April 11, 2010 will be the 110th Birthday of the US Submarine Service. To celebrate the birthday, and to commemorate the service of those who have gone before us, Razorback Base has invited the commanders of the USS Snook Base, Twin Lakes Base and Ozark Runner Base to have their members join us for a combined base Submarine Birthday Dinner in Harrison, Arkansas. Additionally, Frank Hampson (base member that lives in Harrison) arranged various other activities for attendees for Friday through Monday for those of you that may want to make it a longer weekend patrol. It is important that you contact us as soon as you can so we can determine the number that will attend the various events. IMPORTANT Contact the hotel at 870-741-2321 to make your room reservation. See details below. Contact Greg Schwerman (501-804-0386, to let him know you are attending the dinner. Let him know your dinner choice, and be sure to send him a check for the meals. Contact Frank Hampson (870-365-0909, to let him know which of the activities noted below that you want to participate in. He needs a head count as soon as possible.

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